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Two Year Provision Now Open!

After months of planning, building, purchasing equipment and staff training the new Two Year Provision Room is now open and we (initially) welcome eight new children into the provision.

We enjoy eating our snack, milk and fruit..... yummy!

We went for a walk to Bramble Bank Woods .The children collected lots of different leaves and we talked about what the leaves looked like and what colours we could see.

Our children love to get messy !! and enjoy painting so we decided to do a large painting with the leaves we collected. The children loved this activity ,we were proud to see the end result on our wall in the classroom.

Three Little Pigs.


Welcome back and we wish everyone a Happy New Year. For our return to school we are going to be reading the story The Three Little Pigs.When we are reading the story we will be using puppets and talking about our houses. We have alredy been into Bramble Bank Wood to look for sticks to build a House of Sticks, while we were there we had a look at the beautiful Bird Hide and saw some birds feeding.

sand(2)water butt(3)snack(2)

Our Autumn Walk .


We followed this with making our own musical instruments which the children enjoyed and we will be making some more next week, lucky us!!


What a fantasic start to our brand new Two Year Provision room! We would like to say a big thank you to our wonderful parents for all of their help and support.

The children have settled well and enjoy taking part in a range of activities especially singing and being outside in sand, mud and water.

The children enjoy playing inside and out and are working hard to develop positivie relations with their friends and Key Person. 

The children enjoyed putting the leaves into their buckets ,we brought them back to our classroom.

This week we have been very noisey! We talked about fireworks and the noises we heard and we also learnt a new song: "We go wizz pop,we go wizz pop, we go bang,we go bang,sparkling like a firework, sparkling like a firework,wizz pop bang!!

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