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Autumn Term 2017


Welcome to our page!

This Autumn term we have welcomed four new children into the two year provision, Evie, Esamai, George and Fynley.

Evie enjoys searching for natural treasures in Bramblebank Wood. Esamai loves messy play activities, George enjoys playing with cars, looking at books and digging in the sand tyre. Fynleys favourite thing to do is explore the willows and the hills across the school field.

In the two year provision we have been enjoying lots of messy play activities. The benefits of messy play are immense, children learn and develop through play but especially through unstructured, exploratory play. Messy play focuses on exploring and experimenting with different materials without any specific end goals, allowing the children to make their own discoveries using their senses, curiosity and knowledge.

Our favourite messy activity so far has been the moldable foam soap, we get it everywhere!

We have also enjoyed exploring outside of the two year provision too, taking a walk across the school field to the willows, hills and story telling chair. We have also been on a natural treasure hunt in Bramblebank Wood where we found lots of sticks, leaves and feathers.



For Halloween we looked at pumpkins, We enjoyed rolling them across the floor then Mrs Welch cut one in half for us to see clearly what is inside the pumpkin and one we cut the top off so we could scoop out the seeds, we used spoons, an ice cream scoop and our hands to remove the insides of the pumpkins.


We put the pumpkin outside for the next day, Mrs Welch added coloured spaghetti inside the pumpkins  with pretend spiders and bugs for us to find.


Each week we have a walk across the big school field to the hills, we put on our welly boots and waterproof jackets and trousers, we walk around the outside of the school field past the entrance for Bramblebank Wood and across to the willows and the hills we all love to find out different ways to get down the hills, Some of us run down and some if us roll down it is lots of fun and we get very muddy! 



This week we have been particularly interested in emptying and filling containers, we have also used pipes and guttering in our water area.


Sienna and Esamai use jugs to carefully pour water down the guttering and pipes, whilst Adele enjoys using the construction vehicles in the water tray.


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Evie says "they look like maggots, my daddy puts them in his mouth to catch the fish, I think the green ones will catch the biggest fish"


The children take a rest on the benches at the top of the field.


We especially love rolling down the hills and climbing on the crates.



When it snowed we put on our boots and waterproofs and went out into the big nursery garden, We all enjoyed having a good run around making lots of snow angels and footprints.

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