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Autumn Term 2019

Welcome back to Nursery after a lovely Summer break and a special welcome to our four new children Leo, Noah, Benny and Leo! We have had a very busy first two weeks back in Nursery.

Leo took an interest in the skatepark next to nursery so we took a couple of toy cars and went for a quick walk to roll our cars down the skate ramps, we had lots of fun sliding down the ramps too.

A Big Thank you to everyone that took part in our colour run on Friday the 13th we raised a huge amount for Cancer research and had a great time getting covered in lots of coloured paint.

October 4th 2019

Over the past two weeks we have been extremely busy!

We have had a walk along the river bank to work out what the loud noise that we could hear was, we loved watching the boats being unloaded.


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We have enjoyed making cakes in the mud kitchen outside.

14th October

This week has been a busy week for animal rescues!

Monday we had a suprise visitor, we found a Hedgehog! He was a little shaken and wouldn't uncurl so we decided we needed to help him. We went to the shop to buy cat food and scooped him up into a tray and put him somewhere safe.

We have also worked very hard this week on our cutting skills!

We have all taken a great interest in the playdough we can use the tools to roll and cut the playdough.

After seeing a squirrel run passed our window in Nursery we decided to go on a hunt to see what other animals or creatures we could find, we walked around the school garden and found a spider making a pretty web, lots of different birds and two very pretty Dragonfly.

After watching the boats we carried on walking a little further and came across a little park we all enjoyed sliding down the really big slide.

We had lots of fun using fruit to print with. Some of us got very messy.

Wednesday Mrs Welch assisted Miss Corbin with the rescue of a little frog that had dropped into a deep drain and couldn't get back out!

When the frog was safe she brought it into our room to look at carefully in a magnifying container before releasing him safely into our pond in the allotment.

Halloween Week!

This week we have had lots of Halloween themed activites, we have worked on our fine motor skills inside with spagetti and tweezers. Outside we used our gross motor skills making big marks with the chalks on the walls and big circular movements while mixing Monster soup!

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