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Welcome to the 2 Year Room

We enjoy getting wrapped up nice and warm before we go into Bramble Bank Woods. We are all very sensible and enjoy walking around looking for bugs and creatures. We used our magnifying glasses to look closely at all of the things that we found.

We all sat on the mushrooms and sang some songs before we walked to the bird hide to look at the birds. We enjoyed listening to them singing.

We are interested in ice and will be investigating how it melts and how it feels, watch this space.....


The children have shown lots of interest in vehicles. We have looked at lots of different vehicles from road sweepers to aeroplanes.

The children have made playdough wheels and made some lovely paintings using car wheels in different coloured paint. We have also been busy washing our bikes outside and were very proud when they were clean and shiny!

We are looking forward to decorating round biscuits, we will be making some icing and choosing a topping to decorate our "wheels" We are sure they will be yummy!

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