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Spring Term!

We have two new children Leo and Jessica, we enjoysplaying with the horses and cars in the sand and we also enjoy the messy foam soap.

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We have had a very busy two weeks with our two new friends we have been teaching them our routine and they both have picked it up really quickly.

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We have enjoyed painting with lots of different coloured paints, things got a little messy!

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Over the past couple of weeks we have been working on our fine motor skills and have been using tongs to pick up pom poms with and pipe cleaners to thread with.

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All of the children have enjoyed venturing outside, we enjoy going across the school field to the hills and enjoy the soace in the big nursery garden.

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We have enjoyed using the insert puzzles and have been spending alot of time practicing our facial expressions in the mirror.

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We are interested in the foam soap.

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Some of us have taken a particular interest in caring for the dolls.

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 "Shhhh my baby sleeping"

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The material on thee top needs to be spread out properly.

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We enjoyed learning how to make Bee Bot work.


Something exciting happened over in main school Mrs Welch took us over to have a look at something special, the reception children had eggs that had hatched into fluffy little chicks!! We all sat quietly so we didnt scare the chicks we even got to hold them gently.

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Imagination Library celebrated their 5th Birthday and chose to come to our school to celebrate, our parents was invited to take part in the activities too we all had a great time and enjoyed helping to retell the story of the little red train.

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We practised our pouring skills with a dolls tea party!

We took turns to pour the tea and milk.

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Ho, Ho, Ho!

Some children patted foam onto her face when she looked in the mirror she said she looked like Santa.

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Bramblebank Wood.

We went on a listening walk and explored Bramblebank Wood, this was Leo and Jessica's first time in the woods.

We are excited to tell you that our mini Bramblebank Wood sessions are back up and running from Monday 5th March 2018, 12.00-12.30 parents are welcome to join us in there.

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In the woods we found the Gruffalo, hes got sharp claws and huge tusks! We also found the door to Narnia, we enjoyed playing hide and seek behind it.

We had a quick rest in the outdoor classroom then went on to look out for birds in the bird hide.

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Some children have enjoyed making a beach with sand on the floor, they take off their shoes and socks and make snad angels, we are looking forwards to the warmer weather so we can go bare foot in the big sand pit outside.

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Mark Making!

Over the past couple of weeks we have been particularly interested in mark making especially using the felt tip pens, some of us used finger painting to create our Mothers day cards others used felt tips to create a lovely picture that was then cut out into a flower shape.

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We have enjoyed dressing up and looking after our baby dolls.

We have had fun den building, painting and using our ICT skills to make Bee Bot move around our room.

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We add more material to make a bigger den!

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We played Mummy and babies, we were wrapped us up so we were comfortable then our friend read us a story.

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Before the Easter holidays we baked Gingerbread people.

We used our skills to roll out the mixture and then we cut out our people shapes Mrs Welch carefully put them into the oven, when they was cooked and cool enough we enjoyed decorating them using icing, raisins and smarties.

They tasted delicious!

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