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Summer Term 2018

Welcome back after the Easter break I hope you have all enjoyed your time off with family and friends.


So far this term we have tried to make the most out of the better weather we have had.

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Bramble Bank Wood

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In Bramblebank Wood we searched for treasures, we used masking tape around our wrists to collect all the little woodland treasures, Esamai even found a dead spider to take home with her.

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With the weather staying so nice we decided it would be a great idea to get the paddling pool out in the nursery garden we filled it up with soapy water.

Esamai, Adele and Fynley enjoyed bathing the babies in the baby bath.

Jessica enjoyed sitting on a chair alongside James dipping their toes in the water. 

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Before helf term we went for a nice walk to the park with Mrs Harrison and Miss Bailey it was so much fun!

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25th May 2018

This week the weather has been lovely we have had such a busy week.

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Fynley and Jessica have enjoyed singing songs with pom poms shaking them up high and down low.

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Some of us have enjoyed scooting around on the sit and rides.

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We was given a packet of sunflower seeds from Mrs Wilson we cleared out our planter and carefully made holes in the soil using our fingers, placed in one seed and covered the seeds with soil, then we filled up our watering cans and gave the seeds some water.

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15th June 2018

This week we have enjoyed spending alot of time in the big nursery garden!

When the weather is nice we like to get the small paddling pool out we all get a little wet but the sunshine soon dries us off.


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We all really enjoy the big sand pit in the nursery garden.

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We try and get out onto the field and across to the hills at least once a week, we find lots of exciting things on our walks, the new lines ready for sports races have been painted onto the field so we had a running race with Mrs Harrison it was lots of fun.

We all enjoy running up and down the hills "ready, steady, go!"

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While in the bird hide we spotted something very special, a birds nest with eggs inside we had to be very quiet around the hide.

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We have enjoyed pouring with water down the guttering in the nice weather, some of us prefered to spend our time sat in the cool sand.

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After cooling off in the pool we took our fruit, milk and a picnic blanket and sat under the gazebo on the school field for a picnic snack we watched the year five children practice the field events for sports day they was all very good!

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We all had a great time the slide was a little fast for Jessica at first but after a few times she really enjoyed it, we enjoyed sitting on the rocker together.

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In the nursery garden we have been practising pedaling a trike.

We have all enjoyed spending time in the big nursery garden we especially enjoy water play we used rollers and paint brushes to paint the fence with we all worked together.

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We are getting really good at pedaling the taxi bike we all enjoy being taken for a ride on the back.

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The transition sessions for the children going into nursery have began and our transition sessions for the new children starting in September begin next week, we cant wait to meet our new friends.

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