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Autumn Term 2018

Welcome All!

Welcome back to the Nursery children and hello to the children joining us this term.

Here is everyone, don't they look a happy bunch? Here's to a great year!


It has been so windy lately, some of the children liked to watch the ribbons blowing about making different shapes.

We also made some bubbles, some were little, others were huge but they all blew around in the wind which we tried to run around and catch.

Imagination Library


Bramblebank Wood (Forest School)

We went in to Bramblebank wood, some of the children hadn't been in before but they loved it! We did some exploring first.

We did notice the bird feeders had no food in it, we decided we'll bring some with us next time.

Using the magnifying glasses we found some insects on the ground.

Some of the other children decided to build a fire with sticks too!

We also met the Stickman! Wow!

Our Imagination Library session this month was based around the book 'My Shouting Day'. We had different activities out for the children to take part in; decorating biscuits, cutting and sticking different faces and making jewelery using beads and pipe cleaners. We then read the story together.

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