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Autumn Term 2015

Welcome Back!

Welcome to all the children in Nursery. We have been very busy creating new masterpieces, learning new skills and making new friends!

This week was our first week into Bramblebank Wood and what a great time we had! We went exploring, and found lots of forest 'treasure'. 

A huge thank you to Friends of School who bought our new wagon for us. We use it to carry our equipment we need, such as the all important snack!

When we got back to nursery we followed the recipe and made our own gingerbread men, we all helped to mix the ingredients, then roll out the dough and use the gingerbread cutters. We could smell them cooking when we put them in the oven, it was 'delicious' said Layla. 

We ate the gingerbread men later that day, they were yummy! 'I ate his arm' (Izabelle) 'I had his leg' Lacey, 'look his head's gone' (Tyler) My heads gone too (Mercy).

We put Mrs Wilson's gingerbread man in a box for safekeeping, she said she will eat it later with a cup of tea.

Keadby Park

Last week Nursery visited the park in Keadby, we went to collect some sticks for our hedgehogs (more on that later) but stayed for a play too! We had a great time there. Some children were a little scared about going down the slide but could do it by the time we left to go back to nursery. 

We took snack and milk to have half way through the session so we wouldn't get hungry. We wore waterproofs as it was a little bit damp but it didn't matter, we all had a brilliant time just having fun! Oh and we collected some sticks too!


The children have shown an interest in pumpkins this week, they said 'I wonder what is inside a pumpkin?' We opened one up and let the children investigate it. 'It smells yuk!' Alyx. 'It's slimy on my fingers' Layla. 'I like pumpkins, they taste nice'. 


Gingerbread Man

We have been looking at the story The Gingerbread Man in nursery, the children became very good at retelling the story using the puppets we have. We wanted to make our own gingerbread men but when we looked at a recipe for it we didn't have any of the ingredients needed. The children said we could go to the shop, what a great idea! So we all went to the shop.

When the gingerbread men were ready we thought about what they needed on them, the children wanted to use smarties for the buttons but we didn't have any so we went to the shop again! When we came back we put eyes and a smile on them and some buttons too. 

Oh no! Mrs Wilson's gingerbread man has gone! It's not in the box anymore, where has he gone? He left a note, it says 'Dear Mrs Wilson, you can't eat me! I have ran, ran as fast as I can, you can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread man! See if you can find me!'

So we went to look for him around nursery and school, we found lots of little gingerbread men stuck up around school. The children were very good at finding them. Eventually we found him hiding in Mrs Mason's room and took him back, naughty Gingerbread Man!

Sylvester the Snake

We had a visit from Sylvester the snake this week, he also brought Mr Quinn with him as it's a long way to slither from his house. We found out lots of information, Sylvester is a boy snake, four years old, eats a mouse a week, lives in a vivarium ( a heated tank) and sleeps a lot. Did you know snakes do not have any noses? They use their tongue to smell!

Some of the children were brave enough to touch Sylvester, Mercy said he felt 'smooth', Alyx said he was 'cold' and Izabelle liked how his 'tongue went like this...' (Izabelle is sticking her tongue in and out). I hope Sylvester had a lovely time with us we really enjoyed seeing him. Thank you Mr Quinn for your time and letting us see him.

Paige said 'I haven't had pumpkin before.' Mercy said 'It's nice.' After reading the story Pumpkin Soup, Alyx said 'I want to eat Pumpkin soup,' 'I do' said Joseph. We decided we would make Pumpkin Soup to eat in Nursery. We helped to chop up an onion and the flesh of a pumpkin (which was really tricky to cut up) then cooked it in a pan for a while. We also added some cream to the pan and when it was cooked we whizzed it in the blender. Then we could eat it, it was delicious!

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