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Autumn Term 2016

New Term

Welcome to Nursery Everyone!

Say hello to our children in Nursery, the regular ones are back and we have some new faces too. The children have settled well, back into the same routines as before or learnt some new ones.

We have had some great fun using water outside and of course the sand is always a favourite. We've made some brilliant pictures of our own face and read some exciting stories.

Next we are hoping to look at our own families and see how different we all are.

Bramblebank Wood

This month Nursery have been into Bramblebank Wood a few times. We went in to introduce it to the new children first, which they really liked, we talked about the rules in Bramblebank Wood that we all have to follow, even the adults! But we have been busy with other different things too. We collected sticks to help us make a stick house for the second little pig in the story 'The Three Little Pigs,' and we also made a mud face on the trees with our own hands, we mixed the soil we dug in the ground with some water we brought with us, it was very messy, but lots of fun! Nearly everyone wanted to make one. You can see what we made in the pictures. Do you like them or are they scary? What will we do next month!

British Food Fortnight

As part of British Food Fortnight nursery took part with the rest of the school. Each class was given a country and some ingredients to cook with, we then needed to decide what to cook with them. Our country was England and we were given apples as our main ingredient. The children talked about what we could do with apples as most of the children like apples they just wanted me to share them out between them all but in the end we decided upon Apple Crumble. 

The children helped to make it by first peeling the skin off the apples, being very careful with the vegetable peelers, then cutting up the fruit to put in the pot to cook. Next they helped to measure out the flour and butter and rubbed them together (they especially liked this bit) with their hands. Then we weighed out the sugar and oats and added them too. When it was cooking it smelt delicious! 

We suddenly realised we didn't have any custard, so we went to the shop to buy some while it was still cooking. Finally it was ready! we all tried it, it was very tasty! 


We had some fun in Nursery, we had lots of activities out to do with halloween, we had surpises in the water tray, Scarlett was a bit upset to find spiders in there until we showed her they were not real.

We carved some pumpkins with some help and made some scary faces. We even put a candle inside and put it in a dark room. It was soooooo spooky!

We had a potion shop too with 'Wizards Beards', 'Unicorn Horns', 'Bat Blood',  and 'Dragons Scales' to name just a few.


Three Little Pigs

We read the book Three Little Pigs and the children really liked it, they wanted to make some houses for them, so we collected some straw and found some cardboard boxes and built our own straw house. It wasn't very easy as the straw didn't want to stay on the box with glue. Then Bailey had the great idea of using cellotape instead! much better.

Next we collected sticks from Bramblebank Wood to make our own stick house and finally we printed brick patterns onto another cardboard box to make the brick house. The children had lots of fun retelling the story with the houses in the Nursery garden. The Wolf kept blowing down thoses houses!

Imagination Library

Imagination Library is an initiative that Dolly Pardon introduced into this country quite a few years ago now. The idea is that every child that is registered will recieve an age appropriate free book every month until they turn five. It is an excellent way to encourage reading and book sharing in families.

Once a month on the last Thursday of the month, Nursery, Two year old provision and Reception hold a drop in session for parents to come and join in with the activities that are centered around the book of the month. The book we share is always from the month before, so we don't spoil the surprise for the new book.

This month the book was 'Little Rabbit got Lost' we had several activities for the children to do, including making rabbit ears. We then sat down together and listened to the story while munching on cake.

Please feel free to join in with us, you will always be welcome (and you can eat cake!).

Freddy Teddy's Birthday!

It was Freddy Teddys birthday, so we thought we would suprise him with a party! We talked the day before about what we would need; party food, cake, present and a card, then thought about what we needed to do, make some cakes, a card and decorate the room.

We made some cakes and jelly the day before and thought about what to give him as a present, we decided upon dinosaurs as we know he really likes them. We made him a card that we all wrote our names on it too.

On the day of the party we came to nursery in our best party clothes and set about getting ready. We decorated the cakes, made sure the jelly was set then wrote the invitations for the two year olds to come to the party. We decorated the room by putting up balloons and banners, said hello to our party guests, then waited for Freddy Teddy to wake up.

Finally he did, we sang happy birthday and gave him his presents and card that he really liked. We played a few party games then sat down to have the party food with Freddy. What a great time we all had!

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