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Autumn Term 2017


Hello and welcome to our Nursery pages!

We have some new children in nursery this term, Lexi, Leo and Yasmine and they have settled in very well. Leo says 'I like the trains, making a long line and going over the bridge!' Yasmine says 'I painted a big picture of my face!' and Lexi says 'I like cooking in the kitchen, can I make tea now?'

World Food Day

Nursery took part in the schools World Food Day, each class were given a food from a given country to make something with. Our Country was England and our food was apples. We decided to make Apple Crumble.

The children peeled, chopped and cooked the apples, weighed out the ingredients and made the crumble with our own fingers. It was put into to oven to bake.

Of course you can't have crumble without custard so we went to the shop to buy some.

Finally we could eat it! It was so yummy, absolutely delicious! 


We love fireworks! 

We watched a clip on the whiteboard that showed fireworks in London. They made noises like; Whizz! Bang! Pop!

We liked the different colours and shapes they made in the sky so we had a go ourselves at making pictures with different objects, Nabaa and Lexi made the pictures in the photos.

We also tried (really hard!) to make pictures by blowing runny paint on the paper with straws and we also dropped water colours onto cornflour and water mixed together to make patterns.

We have a display of the pictures we did on the wall in nursery if you want to see it.


Bramblebank Wood

We have already been into Bramblebank Wood! We put on warm coats and wellies then walked over to the big gate.

Inside its like a magical world! We fed the birds and made some bows and arrows. We went up and down the hill a lot too.

We made a bit of a mistake with the crumble topping, we used our hands instead of our fingers, so instead we made a dough, a very tasty dough.

We didn't want to waste it so we rolled it out and made fish biscuits, complete with shiny fins (sweets).


As it was Halloween, we had a pumpkin in Nursery! We didn't know what to do with it although Jace said "It's for Halloween!" Mrs Wilson chopped the top off it and we all looked inside. Some of us wanted to touch it, then everyone did! "It's goey" said Rosabella and Jacob C said "It's slimy."

We decided to take the inside out but it was tricky with our hands so we used spoons instead. Jace said we needed to make a face so we carved the face using a knife, so Mrs Wilson did it. We all thought it was scary looking! 

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