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Autumn Term

Workshop skills


Autumn provides us with great resources to practise our workshop skills and learn how to use a hammer safely.  

Autumn Colours

We have enjoyed exploring Autumn colours and using our hands to mix  different coloured paint.  


Just add Water

We like to explore and build with different materials.  We can plan our own ideas and use resources to carry them out before testing them to see how they work.  If things don't quite go according to our plan we can modify our ideas and try a different way of working.    

Mud kitchen cakes to baking buns


We have been so busy making cakes in the mud kitchen that we decided to make some chocolate buns that we could actually eat!  

A Playful Garden

We worked together to develop a new area in the garden, planting up one of our tractor tyres to create a small garden.  It might be a jungle full of animals or a home for the dinosaurs.  If we are quiet and look carefully maybe the fairies will even come to play, we shall have to wait and see...

Time to snuggle with a good book


After playing outside in the wet and windy weather it's always good to get warm and cosy with a good book.

Bramblebank Woods

We love to climb or crawl up the wet, muddy hill just so that we can roll back down again.  We can spend hours slipping and sliding in the mud, it is great fun!    

We have started our Bramblebank Wood adventures!  We spend lots of time moving in different ways from climbing and sliding to running up and down the hill.  We also enjoy looking carefully on the ground for insects.  

How does your garden grow?


In preparation for growing our own vegetables we have started weeding the raised bed ready for planting.  Watch this space to see what we grow.  

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