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Spring Term 2016

Welcome Back!

Happy New Year to everyone and welcome back to Nursery! A huge hello to all the new children that have arrived too, they are Bobby, Layla W, Alex P, Emilie, Seth, Lily, Fynn, Amelia and Evie W. All the children have been talking about what Santa brought them, they are lucky children!

This week we have been concentrating on modelling the different areas in nursery in and out. We also went to Bramblebank so the new children can see it and the older children can remember our routines and rules. 

Please remember Bramblebank Wood days are now on Wednesdays so the children need to wear warm clothes, wellies and bring a change of shoes for when they are inside, thank you.

When we did get there we walked to the ... Fire Station! Wow! We met some real Firemen, they showed us how to be safe at home, and what to do if there was a fire in our house, shout 'Help fire!' They also showed us how important it is to have a smoke alarm in the house.

Chinese New Year

The 8th February was the start of Chinese New Year so we had our own little celebration in Nursery. We watched some chinese children getting ready for the day and then what they did to celebrate it. We loved watching the Chinese Lion and Dragon dances, they were fun! We also tried eating noodles with chopsticks, that was very difficult but the children did very well at trying, some even ate all their noodles using them. I was quite impressed!


Because the children had shown an interest in transport over the last few weeks we thought we would go for a walk to the canal. We all got booted up as it was cold and wet outside and set off. We saw lots of things on the way including a garage with a car high up, a digger drove past us and lots of buses. 

When we got to the canal we were shocked and excited to see a pirate ship! Yes a real one! Well we think it was a real one! We didn't see any pirates though, Mercy thought they were probably sleeping, so we tried not to make too much noise. We said we would all look around when we went home later to see if we saw any pirates walking around in Keadby. Have you seen one?

We also watched the ducks in the canal, they were fighting each other for the bread a man had thrown in, they were very funny quacking very loudly! We were a bit worried that the pirates might wake up if we stayed much longer so we left them alone. We did keep a look out on the way back to nursery for some pirates but didn't see any.

Message in a Bottle.

We are all still worried about Freddy Teddy, he hasn't come back yet! We must do something! The children suggested we write to him and because we saw in one of the story books that they used to put letters and maps into bottles to keep them dry we thought we would do the same.

We thought about what to say, wrote it down and then put it in a big bottle. Now we needed somewhere to put it, where do we know that has a river that we can get to easily? Of course, Keadby Bridge!

We all went to the bridge and threw the bottle over the side into the River Trent. Mrs Wilson told us that the river goes out to the sea eventually so if that is where Freddy Teddy is he might find it, read it and then come back to us.

We'll let you know!

Bramblebank Wood

The new children have been to Bramblebank Wood for the first time! The older children had a great time showing the younger children their favourite places around the wood and the games they like to play too. We can't wait for the next time now!


We went on a train to Scunthorpe! We walked to the train station altogether and waited for the train to come to Althorpe Station. On the train we could see lots of things outside, houses, football stadium and some horses in a field. It didn't take long to get there.

The Firemen let us fire the water hose at someone's car, it was very clean when we finished! Then we went inside a Fire Engine! One of the adults dressed up in a firemans uniform, can you tell who it was?

Soon it was time to go back to Nursery on the train again, what a great day, a train ride and a trip to the Fire Station!

Pancake Day

Tuesday was Pancake day in Nursery. Yippee! We love pancakes. we helped to make the batter first by carefully weighing the ingredients, flour, eggs and milk, and then mixed it all together. That was hard work! When the pan was hot it was poured into the frying pan and sizzled away. Everyone went 'ooooohhhhhhh' when it was flipped in the air, it didn't get stuck on the ceiling! 

We all could choose the topping we liked best, chocolate sauce, lemon and sugar or golden syrup, then we ate it all, YUMMY!

Freddy Teddy

Something terrible has happend! We have all had a great time talking about pirates and playing with them that Freddy Teddy has decided to run away and join them! He left us a letter one day to say he had gone to be a pirate and that maybe one day he would come back. He did give us his toy pirate ship to play with and some pirates, which is great but we are all very sad he has gone! We hope the pirates will be nice to Freddy Teddy.

We have made some Wanted posters to see if anyone has seen him. Lacey says the Pirate ship is still in the canal so at least we know he is still in Keadby.

Please keep a look out for Freddy Teddy.

World Book Day

On World book day all the children dressed up, most of the children had come as a character from Alice in Wonderland. We had six Alice's, four white rabbits, 3 Queen of Hearts and many other different chracters. In the afternoon we had a tea party just like the one in the story, we made some cakes first and then ate them at the party. They were delicious! 

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