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Spring Term 2017

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to Nursery everyone and also welcome to the new children Jace, Rosabella and Nabaa too, they are settling in very well.


We have begun to investigate Winter, what does it look like? What do we need to do? What happens during Winter?

We started by going for a walk, we noticed the trees did not have any leaves on them, it was really cold so we had to wear coats, hats and gloves and we couldn't find many birds or insects.

Winter cont.

On the school field we noticed the grass was so muddy because of the rain that we kept falling down on the muddy hills, 'weeeeeeeee.'

We played in the puddles on the school playground too, because we were all wearing waterproofs it was fun to play in the water and not get (too) wet. 

We had a surprise when we got back to nursery, a bird had flown into our window and was stunned so was having a little rest on the ground. we left it alone and had hot chocolate inside to warm us up.


During our talk about Winter, the children became interested in ice, I set them a task of working out how to get

Oh no! Some of our animals have become stuck in the ice! How can we get them out? The children investigated the ice by feeling it with their hands. The children said 'Its slippery' and 'cold' but realised we needed to try and melt the ice.

Now how can we do that? The children said that their hands were warm so we could do that, so some held onto the ice to see if they could melt it. Others said to use hot water so we got some of that too. 

It took a while but we did eventually free the animals, then they had a play in the water tray. 

Bramblebank Wood January cont.

We also had a lovely time decorating some of the sticks in the wood as it was looking a bit dull in there! We used the chalk to make the twigs colourful.


We were expecting snow and we got some but no where near enough to do anything with! The children (and me!) were so disappointed. 

So we decided to make our own! It was so easy and we could use it over and over again, you could even make it at home.

All you need is lots of cornflour and then mix it with baby oil or hair conditioner until its still crumbly but when pressed together will form a ball.

We did get to make our snowman in the end, even if it was a little small we were still happy!

Pancake Day

On Pancake day we had such a fun time! We got to race on the playground with all the other children from school. We raced in groups of four with a frying pan and a pancake in it, we then ran to the end, it was really funny.

When we got back to nursery we made some real pancakes, we watched Mrs Wilson flip them over! We couldnt do it because the pan was hot but we got to play with pretend ones later.

We could choose what topping we wanted, lemon juice or chocolate sauce, it was delicious!

Bramblebank Wood January

In Bramblebank Wood we have noticed that the birds are finding it hard to find food as it is too icy. We decided we needed to make some bird feeders to give them some extra food.

We made them from wire and threaded some cheerios and grapes onto the wire, then twisted it and hung it on the trees.

The afternoon children wanted to hang them in the allotment so they could see the birds come and eat them too.

Imagination Library (jan)

This month the book nursery were looking at for Imagination Library was 'The Snowman' by Raymond Briggs. The children had lots of fun making their own snowmen in different ways, eating cake and listening to the story. We had a few parents come and join in too. Thank you parents.


The children showed an interest in Winter food after reading the story 'The Enormous Turnip.' We talked how it was too cold to grow any vegetables right now so we bought some from Tesco instead.

The children investigated the vegetables in several different ways, Charlie and Swanley were really intrigued by the onion and wanted to know what it looked like inside so we cut it open for them to look. 'Oh it's all circles!' said Swanley.

The children came up with the idea of making soup with the vegetables (we used different vegetables don't worry parents). The children were taught how to use vegetable peelers properly and safely. We cooked the onion, carrots and potatoes with vegetable stock together in a pan, when it was ready we all had some, it was delicious!

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