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Spring Term

New Children

We have some new children in Nursery! We welcome, James, Ollie, Nate, Evie, Alfie, Ollie and Lotty. They have been so busy already, learning new things and being independent.

Nursery seems so much busier and noisier lately!

Bird Hide

We were looking at Winter animals and the children became interested in the birds in Bramblebank Wood. Back in nursery we looked in books to find them, they were blackbirds and a robin!

We talked about what happens to them in winter, that the birds struggle to find food, the children wanted to help them by giving them food. We filled some bird feeders and put them on the bird table in the allotment.


The children wanted to watch them but everytime a bird came and the children rushed to the window the bird would fly away. I wonder how we can watch the birds without them seeing us? 

Rosabella thought we could have a bird hide like the one in Bramblebank Wood but how could we do it? Jace thought we could use the squashy shapes to block the window, but they kept falling down. Maisie then suggested using the soft toys but there weren't enough of them. James suggested cushions but they wouldn't stay up either. Rosabella said we need some material so we went on a hunt to find some suitable material. We found some camouflage material. It was put up on the window and the children liked it. We added some binoculars, birds and bird books too. 

Finally we had our own bird hide and the birds didn't fly away when we watched them. 

We always use last months Imagination library book for our sessions, just in case some children still have not recieved their book for the month. So December's Imagination Library book was 'Mine' by Rachel Bright. It is about twin girls who share a toy rabbit but constantly fight over it, until they tear the ears off it! 

We had some different activities for the children to do, such as making rabbit ears and 'pin the tail on the bunny.'

We then sat down with some cake and listened to the story. Thank you to the parents that came to join in with the activities and listen to the story. 

Superhero Day!


The children dressed up for this special day (Mental Health Awareness day). The children knew that if they have a problem we can always talk to the adults in nursery about it.

Imagination Library

Pancake Races

On the last day of half term the main school were having Pancake races in the hall and nursery was invited!

We had a great time running around!

Nick Sharratt Visit

Nick Sharratt the famous children's illustrator and author came to visit our school! He read a few stories to Nursery and Reception first. He read nurseries favourite book 'The Shark in the Park,' and a few others. Jacob was asked to draw on Nicks' board too. Later we went back in and watched Nick Sharratt draw a few of his well known pictures, we then all had a go.

The weather report said it was going to snow, but we didn't believe them! Oh wow how it snowed!

We had a great time outside, throwing snowballs and making a tiny snowman, we used stones for the mouth and eyes and a real carrott for the nose. We were very proud.

We also went for a walk in the snow then slid down the hills too. When we came back we had a lovely hot chocolate to warm us up.

The Gingerbread Man

Imagination Library Birthday!

It was the birthday of Imagination Library and they had asked if they could have their birthday party at our school! What an honour!

There were lots of different activities around, linked to books that the children knew and could enjoy.

There was also a story with a difference going on in a different room.we went on a train ride, it was as if we were really on the train!

Thank you so much for coming and joining in with the birthday celebrations.

Shark in the Park

We read  the story Shark in the Park and the children loved it. We made our own telescopes. then tried to find some shark fins (Jacob told me they were triangles!) around nursery, we found lots, see if you can tell where they were found.


We have recently read the story 'The Gingerbread Man', the children really enjoyed it and asked if we could make our own gingerbread people, so we did! We followed a recipe and used weighing scales to weigh out the right amount.

The children took it in turns to weigh the ingredients and mix up the mixture with the spoons.

We put them in the oven and went to the shop while they were cooking to get something for the buttons. The children chose smarties because they liked the different colours.

When we got back to nursery they were cooked, once they had cooled down we made our own gingerbread person, then ate it for snack time. Yum!

Easter Hunt

Easter is coming! While we were playing outside we found some chocolate eggs! We thought we'd have a look around and see if we could find any more, we did, we found lots.

We are kind to each other though, we made sure that everyone had at least one chocolate egg.

Happy Easter Everyone!

See you next term.

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