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Summer Term 2016

Summer Term

Welcome back everyone! It is so good to see everyone back. Hello to all the new children too that started after Easter, Macie, Kimmy, Scarlet, Charlie, Tiago and Bailey. 

We all wanted to show the new chldren Bramblebank Wood so we took them and showed them around, played some games and made sure there was food for the birds near the bird hide. 

We also discovered an area in Bramblebank Wood that was taped off! Graham explained it was because he was building the round House there. Wow! He also told us about a hedgehog he found that had fallen into one of the holes and had been stuck there, poor thing! But don't worry Graham saved it and set it free.

Jack and the Beanstalk

We are reading the book 'Jack and the Beanstalk' but were wondering what happened to the Giant after the Beanstalk was chopped down! Will we ever know? But then the very next day we discovered a HUGE footprint in our outside sandpit! Whose could it be?

We drew around it to get the size and everyone put their foot in to see if it fit them but noone in class was big enough, we tried Mrs Wilson and Miss Corbin too but they were too small. We had a think to see who might have big feet in school, the children decided it might be Mr Wren or Miss Tyson or Miss Thomas or Mrs Lovatt because they were tall people. We went to ask them to put their foot in the footprint but they were too small too. Alyx thought of Graham our gardener because he was tall but it still wasn't him. Paige said her daddy was tall (he really is!) and maybe he had sneaked into the sandpit for a play but he was too small too! The children finally thought that it must be the giant!



Did you know there were so many different types of beans? We saw baked beans, broad beans, kidney beans, haricot beans, runner beans and my favourite jelly beans. We touched and smelt them but everyone only wanted the jelly beans! Mrs Wilson was kind and let us have one each.

Bramblebank Wood

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Guess what? We found a letter from the Giant in Nursery! It was from the giant! He said he was very sorry for leaving his footprint in the sandpit, he only wanted a bit of fun as he is sad. He hoped he didn't scare us. The Giant said he wanted to get back home and could we help him!

We all had a big think together in Nursery of how to help him. We had two ideas, we could make one for him by painting it and grow our own huge beanstalk that he can climb up too. So we did both, we hope they grow quick!

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