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Summer Term 2017

Welcome Back!

Welcome back after the Easter break, I hope everyone is rested and ready for a new term of busy-ness!

I would like to say hello to our four new children into nursery this term. They are Maisie, Piper, Jacob and Jacob. I am sure they will settle quickly and have a great time in nursery.


We have been looking at our patch in the allotment and the seeds that we planted in the polytunnel. Quite a lot of them have grown (sadly some have died!)

So we have been working very hard over the last few weeks trying to plant out some seedlings and have sown some seeds. They seem to be doing well. The children are very good at remembering to water them too.

We have just added a new plant to our collection, pumpkin seeds. This time we have left them in the classroom so we can watch them grow.



Bramblebank Wood Days

Our visits to Bramblebank Wood have been exciting! The children learn to do different things each week. The children have been busy making little stick people using material wrapped around the sticks. Nabaa made a baby stick and then put it to sleep on a tree stump covering it with leaves.

Some children made a house out of sticks for the dinosaurs, then made a bigger one for themselves too.

Swanley found a very long stick and a very small piece of bark, he wanted to tie the two pieces together. I helped him with the initial knot then showed him how to wrap it around, Swanley did the rest himself, he said it was the handle.

We also had snack in the woods, we chose what we wanted to eat inside and put it in a bag then ate it later around the campfire with our drink, yum!


Superhero Day!

We had a Superhero day in Nursery, everyone came dressed up as a Superhero (even Mrs Wilson and Miss Corbin!). Which was very lucky as Evil Pea was up to his old tricks again! He had escaped from the freezer and caused even more havoc then last time! The poor vegetables!

All the Superheroes went away to think of a great plan then write it down of how to catch Evil Pea again, for good this time!

The children came up with some great plans, there were lots of ideas these are just a few of them; Bailey said to use the shopping basket to get him, Rosabella thought the rabbit could hop up to get him, Maisie thought to use the giraffe because it has a long neck. Rhyley said to use ladders so we could reach him. None of these ideas worked though until we thought to put some of the ideas together. We used the ladders to climb up to him then the shopping basket to trap him in then uickly put him in the freezer again. Success!

Bramblebank Wood Day

Bramblebank Wood Day

This time in Bramblebank Wood while we were having our snack we discovered something amazing! As it was raining today we sat in the outside classroom to eat, we noticed a nest up high but thought it had been abandoned. When suddenly a fly went buzzing around the nest and four little beaks popped up snapping at the fly, wow were we surprised!

Bailey made a lovely butterfly by wrapping two leaves around a stick with some string and some other children had a go at sawing some sticks with a hacksaw on a one-to-one basis with an adult.


In the allotment while we were looking around, the children spotted something and were very inquisitive about it asking lots of questions; 'What is it?' 'It's got huge leaves it must be important!' 'Is it a weed?' When I told them it was rhubarb, a few children said they didn't know what it was. We picked one so the children could look at it. I explained that we eat it, its a fruit. 'Can I eat it now?' I explained that it needed to be cooked.

Back in Nursery we looked at some recipe books and decided we would make Rhubarb Crumble. But everyone knows you can't have crumble without custard so we went to the shop and bought a tin of that first. Yum! These pictures are the evidence we did make it, as it was delicious we ate it all up!


We planted some pumpkin seeds insede nursery and look how they have grown! We take it in turns to water them everyday. The next picture is a week later, don't they grow fast?

We want to plant them in the allotment but we are going to wait until they were bigger.


We read a book in Nursery which the children really loved called 'Supertato'. About a super hero in a supermarket defending the fruit and vegetables against the 'Evil Pea'.

The very next day we discovered Evil Pea had escaped from the freezer and was causing havoc in nursery! We helped the poor vegetables ourselves then hunted around nursery to find Evil Pea. We found him eventually on a high shelf which nobody could reach! We kept an eye on him all the time and thought of a plan to catch him.

We did catch him in the end and put him back in the freezer where he belongs.

Superhero School

When the Superheroes weren't trying to catch Evil Pea they practiced their Super Powers!

We had 'Super Cool Poses', 'Flying High as an Areoplane' practice, 'Zooming Faster than a Train' skills and 'Supersonic Breath' tryouts.

Everyone said they had a great day, although we needed to cool down later with an ice pop (its hard work being a Superhero you know!).



Did you know we have some caterpillars in nursery? We had a parcel delivered with a letter one day, it was from Mrs Butterfly asking the nursery children to look after her caterpillars until they grew wings. Some of the children could say that they will grow wings when they turn into butterflies, how exciting!

We know that caterpillars eat leaves because we have seen the holes they leave on them in Bramblebank Wood.

They have grown so big already! We are now waiting for the caterpillars to make a chrysalis around themselves so they can turn into butterflies! wow we cant wait! We'll keep you posted.

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