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Welcome to Reception.

The Teacher is Mrs Sowerby

The Teaching Assistant is Mrs Hirst.

PE day is Friday and Bramblebank Wood day is Wednesday afternoon. ( This may change and parents will be informed)


We are a class of 22 and are very excited to be starting full time school.

We have been learning lots of new skills and enjoy working with our friends to share our knowledge. We enjoy being "Mini Teachers!"

Look at our new skills.....




Colour mixing,

We have a new saying " Try  3 before me" this is working really well and we are enjoying being independent learners.



Food Fortnight

We celebrated Food Fortnight as part of a whole school activity. Every class was given a box with secret ingredients in, we had a pumpkin that was grown in Mrs Hirst's garden..... very Britsh!

We enjoyed reading the story Pumpkin Soup, investigating vegetables and looking at the globe.

We made pumpkin soup.

Meet our class crab!

Children had shown an interest in sealife and creatures that live under the sea. We investigated a crab.

We found out lots of new things....

"Its got 10 legs"

"Its got eyes!

"Crabs move forwards and sideways"

We know that .....

Crabs are decapods, that means they  have 10 legs.

Crabs do not have teeth.

Crabs eat meat and plants.

We love learning new things.

Bramble Bank Woods

We enjoy working in Bramble Bank Woods every week. We take it in turns to pull "Wilsons Wagon" to the woods and enjoy being the leaders of the line.

Our favourite activity in the woods has been making faces.......  out of mud! We enjoyed getting messy and working with our friends to make an entire village of mud faces!

Food Fortnight

Once we had celebrated England we celebrated Karols home origin of Poland. Karol's Mum spent the whole morning with us making Pierogi. We made the traditional Polish dumpling using flour, water, cream cheese, onions and bacon. They were delicious!


Whizz, Bang, Pop........

We celebrated Bonfire Night. We retold the story of Guy Fawkes, we made firework pictures in the Atelier area and enjoyed writing a class poem.

"Fireworks are blue like a wavy river.

Fireworks are red like a dragon eye.

Fireworks shoot like a dart.

Fireworks bang like thunder"

Busy, Busy Busy....

We have been really busy getting ready for Christmas. We enjoyed reading The Stick Man story in Bramblebank Woods and invited our Grown Ups to join us in making our very own Stick Man!

We enjoyed our visit to The Pink Pig Farm and visited "The Winter Wonderland" we met an elf, Mrs Claus, Mischevious Elves and finally ended our tour in Santa's log cabin.....It was magical!

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