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Autumn Term - Reception Class


Welcome to our class page. We will update it regularly so that you can share in our learning with us.


We had so much fun getting to know each other during our 2 week transition before the summer holidays. We read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and enjoyed it so much that we decided to base our class scarecrow for the Summer Fayre on it. 

Fred Ted

This morning Miss Corbin came across something very exciting behind our curtain. Sat there, in a red bag, was a teddy called Fred. Poking out of his bag was a letter for us all to read. We quickly opened it. Fred Ted has come to stay for the year - and he wants to go home with us at the weekends. We were all so excited. We told Fred Ted all about Keadby and what there is to do here. 

He's like our very own, real life, Everywhere Bear!

The Three Little Pigs

We have been reading the Three Little Pigs. We sequenced the story and have been role playing the characters in the tuff tray and with masks. As well as this, the children have created houses across many areas of provision.

They also had a very special challenge. They had to make a house for a pig using only 12 sweets and cocktail sticks. Once the house had been made, the big bad wolf (hairdryer) came to check how stable their house was. We had so much fun and learnt a lot about how resilient we are when faced with something tricky.


Blow Painting

This week we have been blow painting just like the Big Bad Wolf. We explored colour mixing whilst doing this.

'Purple, purple, I made purple.' A.M



We have learnt how to use chatterpix to animate and add a voice over to an image. We animated the Gingerbread Man!



We had a visit from our cook who spotted our gingerbread man and asked if we could write her a recipe. We all get busy in groups writing instructions on how to make gingerbread men. We took some to her and she got started baking. After dinner, she came running into our classroom. They had RUN AWAY!! She last saw them heading towards BBW. We got our wellies and waterproofs on and headed out to find them!


Autumn Time

We have been learning all about Autumn time and went on a walk around our school grounds to spot signs of Autumn. 

'The leaves are crispy.'

'They are changing colour.'

'They float to the ground.'

'We get to carve pumpkins.'



We have been very excited about Halloween. We read Room on the Broom and acted out the story in groups. We made some fizzing potions and developed our finger muscles in our Halloween tuff tray!



We have been thinking about why people wear poppies. We watched a really powerful video to help us understand it. 



We made some poppies using loose parts and also printed some poppies using apples. 

We took part in the two minute silence where we showed respect to those who have fought for their country. 



The Mystery Egg hatched!

We came into the classroom after the weekend and the egg had hatched and there was nothing to be seen. Then we found a note from our site manager saying he saw something very suspicous on the school field whilst he was opening up that morning!


Trip to see Father Christmas

We had the most magical time on our school trip to Piglets Adventure Farm in York. We had passports, went to the departure lounge, had them stamped, went to the departure gate and then got aboard Elf Airlines to the Woodland Village. We were greeted by Mother Claus who took us to see Father Christmas himself. He spoke to us each in turn and gave us a very special magic key to exchange for a gift in a workshop. We then had the opportunity to make reindeer food, explore the village, see the farm animals and have fun in the park. What a day!


The Gingerbread Man

We have been reading The Gingerbread Man this week. We have created our very own text map to help us to retell the story. We have acted it out using the objects in the tuff tray and pretended to be the wolf by placing a gingerbread man on our noses before we gobbled it down!


We even made our own gingerbread men for our Macmillan coffee afternoon!


Bramblebank Wood

This week in BBW we had a fire in the fire pit for the first time. We talked about fire safety and how to keep ourselves safe. We even got to toast our own marshmallows. Yummy!


Odd Sock Day - 12.11.19

We have been thinking about kindness, what kindness looks like and how we can show kindness. We read The Smartest Giant in Town and talked about how the giant shows kindness to the animals in need. 


The Mystery Egg

A mystery egg appeared in our classroom! Where had it come from and what could it be? We found a letter from its mummy asking us to care for it, so we set about making a nest for it and some toys to play with once it hatches. We are so excited!


Christmas Party

We are feeling well and truly festive now after our Christmas party. We played musical statues, musical bumps, had a dancing competition, played pass the parcel, ate party food and had a wrap the snowman competition finished with a snowball fight!

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