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Autumn Term


Welcome Reception / Year 1

It has been a wonderful few days; being reunited with friends and welcoming new ones to our school family. They have taken everything in their stride and I couldn't be prouder. On Monday we had our first session of the year in Bramblebank Wood - we had great fun exploring, climbing, swinging and playing hide and seek. We are already looking forward to next week! 



Our Class Pet

In the whisper room we spotted a sign that said 'Guess Who?' along with some clues. It said that very soon we would be getting a very special visitor. We read the clues and thought about who or what the visitor could be. A few days later, he arrived. It was a ... RABBIT! Our very own pet to care for and look after. We love him already!


Free flow snack

We are learning to be independent. We have our own snack area that we can go to in the morning and self serve. We have made a text map to help us remember what to do. We have done so well with this and we are very good at helping our friends if we forget to do something!


The Three Little Pigs

We have been reading The Three Little Pigs and have written our own text map to help us retell the story. We have made a home for a little pigs in BBW and have role played the story in the tuff tray. On Friday we had to make a house for a pig (Percy Pig!) using 12 sweets and 12 cocktail sticks. Our houses were then blown down by the Big Bad Wolf (Mrs Whitehouse's hairdryer!) 


Colour mixing

We read a story called Mouse Paint where mice stepped into some paint, danced together and created new colours! We decided to explore this for ourselves!

'Green, I've made green! Blue and yellow make green!' CG



Bramblebank Wood

Here we are learning to do an overhand knot in BBW! Now we can make traps for the big bad wolf!


World Food Day

As part of World Food Day we were assigned the country England to find out more about. We took an interest in the Queen and found out some more information about her. We made some traditional English scones and ate them in a little tea party with handmade crowns, flags and bunting.


Our Autumn Term Respect, Excellence and Friendship Awards go to...


Bramblebank Wood

We have been learning about Bonfire night and exploring the traditions surrounding it. As part of this we made our own fire in BBW and talked discussed what we could see, smell and hear. 

'Wow, a crackle!' OW

'It went pop!' CS-R

We talked about how to keep ourselves safe and who we would call in a fire emergency. 

'Call 999 for the firemen!' JB

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We watched a touching video called Poppies which made us think about why we wear poppies and the importance of remembering. We took part in a one minute silence around a poppy of coins with coins they had all brought in for the Royal British Legion. A very humbling and special moment. 



We have shown an interest in sticks. We read 'That's not a stick', 'Stanley's Stick' and 'Stick Man'. We found our favourite stick in BBW and imagined what it could be. We had a walking stick, broomstick, a wand, a spoon and a pen to name a few. We did some great writing about our sticks!



Each month we are going to celebrate all those children who have turned 5 by having a birthday party! This week we talked about birthdays and the traditions that take place. We made our own decorations to put in our special birthday box. We played pass the parcel, musical bumps, musical statues, danced, ate party food and sang Happy Birthday! A wonderful afternoon!


Our Nativity - A Miracle in Town!


Christmas Party!

We are feeling well and truly festive now after our Christmas party. We played musical statues, musical bumps, had a dancing competition, played pass the parcel, ate party food and had a wrap the snowman competition which finished with a snowball fight!


Christmas treats for Toffee

We have been busy aking Christmas cards, crafts and calendars for out families and as Toffee is part of our school family we should make him something for Christmas too. We researched rabbit treats and found a recipe including carrots, banana, apple, pellets and hay dust. We peeled, chopped and blended the ingredients and baked them in an oven. He LOVED them!

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