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Spring Term 2016

What a fantastic start back to the New Year. We started our year with a maths day. We joined the rest of the school to learn about money.

We enjoyed looking at coins and we noticed lots of things....

"It's got the Queens head on it. She's the boss!" Lilly J

"It's got the number one or the word one on it. It means it's got one pence in it"  Emily


Harry enjoyed working in the Woodwork Area to hammer the paper coins onto the wood.


Following our floorbook interests we have been investigating ice.

"I wonder if ice melts?" Dylan

"It does and quick if you put it near the hot thing"

"The big one will not melt coz it's bigger. The small ones will though"



We showed an interest in ice and our floorbook wonder questions were interesting.....

"I wonder how we can melt ice quicker"

"I wonder if big ice melts quick and small ice melts slow"

"I wonder if any people can live in ice"

We investigated and answered all of the questions.

We decided to make our own igloo using milk cartons, we needed LOTS!

We worked as a team, used a REAL glue gun and were resilient when the igloo kept collapsing  again and again!

Watch this space........


Look at the igloo now......


All finished!

We enjoyed using our igloo as a reading den.


Bramblebank Woods

We enjoyed our first visit of the year into Bramblebank Woods.

We pulled the trolley into the woods and hunted for "woodland treasure"

We found lots of treasure and enjoyed making a woodland crown.


The Queen

Following on from our interest in coins on our Maths Day we showed an interest in The Queen.

We found images of Buckingham Palace, The Royal Crown, The Royal Throne and The Queen. We worked in groups to think of wonder questions linked to images that we found.

"I wonder how many bathrooms are in the Palace"

"I wonder if the crown is heavy"

"I wonder how many soldiers you have"

The children decided to write a letter to The Queen to try and find out the answers.......... We wait for her reply!

palace(1)The queen(1)

Guess what the post lady brought us on Thursday..... A reply letter from The Queen, we were so excited to read the letter!



We celebrated World Book Day in style with an Alice in Wonderland themed day.

We looked amazing in our costumes.

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