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Spring Term 2017


Have you seen this bear?

We had some strange things happening in our class and we suspected pirates were about. We came into school on Tuesday to find that our class bear HAD GONE MISSING!

We got straight to work on a "Missing Bear Hunt!" with no luck. We did not give up and set to work again.

We decided to make a missing poster to let people know that Fred was missing, we put the posters up all around the school so that the children and the grown ups could keep their "beady eyes"  out for our missing bear.

Talking Tub

We enjoyed investigating our Talking Tub, looking at the objects and thinking of " wonder question"

The children were very interested in dragons and we set to work answering the "wonder questions"

We looked at film clips, went on dragon hunts and made dragon feeders to put in Bramblebank Woods. One morning we came into school to find a giant egg and a letter from a Mummy Dragon asking us to take care of her egg, we did a very good job!


Easter Bunny

We thought of ways to trap the Easter Buuny ( without hurting her of course!)

We had great fun making our very own traps outside and leaving apples and pears to entice the Easter Bunny towards them. We didn't manage to catch her but we were very close and had great fun trying...


Finding Fred

We came into class after lunch to find a letter from Captain Pegleg! He confirmed that pirates had taken Fred the Ted. We worked as a class to write a letter back to the Pirates, asking for the safe return of Fred.

We put the letter into a bottle and walked to Keadby Bridge to throw the letter into the river. We hope The Pirates find the letter and bring Fred the Ted back to class. WE MISS HIM.sad

Guess who is back?

After two very long weeks and lots of searching we had a great surprise waiting for us in class. Fred the Ted's suitcase had been left outside the classroom door, we opened it carefully to find a map, gold coins and a note from The Pirates. The Pirates had returned Fred the Ted so we celebrated with our very own Pirate Party!

We went on a treasure hunt, played pin the eye patch on the pirate and enjoyed crisps and cakes. Fred had his very own pirate costume, we had so much fun!

Investigating eggs

We have been investigating eggs and have enjoyed finding out what we use eggs for in cooking.

We made scrambled egg and meringue. Mrs Sowerby said that the meringue was ready to cook when we could tip the bowl over our heads and the mixture did not fall out!

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