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Spring Term

The strangest thing happened in Class R, we had a delivery of eggs. We wondered what could be inside them...





We watched and waited and enjoyed writing our thoughts in our new class Floorbook. We didn't have to wait long before our "wonders" were answered.


We loved our new babies!

We named them, cleaned them and fed them. We made our own instruction book "How to look after chicks" and we shared this with anybody who looked at the chicks.

We decided that they would be a little bit bored in their brooder box so we mad our own chick run!


Fred the Ted has gone missing, we think that  it was the pirates that left us gold coins and a treasure map in Bramblebank Woods.

We set to work, writing missing posters and letters to the pirates. We threw the letter into the River Trent and waited with our fingers crossed!

The strangest thing happened when we went for a walk to look for signs of winter. We found an old bear stuck in a tree. We looked closely, he was wet, smelly, ripped and very dirty. He had a note attached to the branch of the tree.

"I am cold and wet. I have no friends and no name. I am sad"


As part of the Big Garden Bird Watch we went outside armed with a clipboard,pencil and our beady eyes to look for birds! We put our new tallying skills to use and recorded lots of birds.

"Oh look, I think I saw the most black ones because my tally says a gate of five"


We love reading!!

To celebrate our new books that we had in class we decided to take reading selfies...it was great fun!

Nick Sharratt visits our school!

We had a visit from the famous author and illustrator Nick Sharratt, we were very excited and listened carefully to his stories, we even got to help him to draw some pictures!

It was a wonderful morning and one that we shall remember for a long long time.


We set to work....

We washed him, dried him and brushed him.

We made a tally chart to decide fairly on his new name.

We made games and books for him.

We measured him and then made a bed to fit.

We looked at different pictures of houses around the world and decided to build him a home.

We made clothes for him.

We made biscuits for him.

We made a new ear for him.

We sewed his tummy and made sure that he was healthy.

We love our new class mate called FUDGE!

We enjoyed making our own playdough. We had to follow the instructions on the text map very carefully, we worked together with our friends to complete every step, even washing up!


We dressed up as Superheroes to celebrate our unique powers linked to Children's Mental Health Week.

We loved the selfie frame so much that we decided to use it again!

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