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Spring Term

The strangest thing happened when we went for a walk to look for signs of winter. We found an old bear stuck in a tree. We looked closely, he was wet, smelly, ripped and very dirty. He had a note attached to the branch of the tree.

"I am cold and wet. I have no friends and no name. I am sad"


We set to work....

We washed him, dryed him and brushed him.

We made a tally chart to decide fairly on his new name.

We made games and books for him.

We measured him and then made a bed to fit.

We looked at different pictures of houses around the world and decided to build him a home.

We made clothes for him.

We made biscuits for him.

We made a new ear for him.

We sewed his tummy and made sure that he was healthy.

We love our new class mate called FUDGE!

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