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Summer Term 2016

Live Eggs

We had a delivery of sixteen eggs in an incubator, we waited to see what would happen.......

Within the space of three days we had sixteen baby chicks, we were fascinated!


We enjoyed looking after the chicks and took the role very seriously.....

We made a run for the chicks so that they would have more room to play. We fed and watered them and we even cleaned out their poo!

Some of the children thought that they had heard a fox snuffling about in the outside area and so they decided to make a trap to ( carefully) trap the fox.


Hall Park Farm

We had a great day at the farm. We saw chickens, donkeys, goats, pigs and horses. The fun didn't stop there, we enjoyed a tractor ride and even got the chance to walk a goat!!


We had lots of wonder questions about eggs ...


"I wonder what comes out of eggs?"

"I wonder if eggs are all the same?"!

We investigated and enjoyed looking at non fiction books to answer our questions.


Following the care and interest we gave to caring for the chicks we continued our interests and looked after other animals that change.


We enjoyed watching the tadpoles change from tadpole to frog.

We enjoyed watching the caterpillar change from caterpillar to butterfly.

We finished lots of activities linked to the life cycle of a butterfly but our favourite was making paper chain caterpillars.

We decided to work in various groups to see who could make the longest caterpillar. We worked so hard as a team and made some REALLY LONG caterpillars, SO LONG THAT WE HAD TO TAKE THEM OUTSIDE TO MEASURE!

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