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Summer Term 2017

"How do you make Easter Eggs?"

That was the question that some of the children returned to school after the Easter Holidays with. We set to work to investigate...

We watched a video from THE ACTUAL CADBURY FACTORY, this showed us how eggs were made. It seemed simple enough so we set to work to make our own.

We watched the chocolate carefully during the melting process to see how the chocolate changed. We used the words solid and liquid to talk about the changes.


Flutter and Fly

We enjoyed a musical experience performed by part of an orchestra. The music helped us to tell the story of a boy and the adventures of him and his paper aeroplane.

Following this story we became very interested in bees and little did we realise that we had a Mummy Beekeeper in our class!

We really enjoyed our visit from Charlie's Mummy, she was a bee expert and we found out so much information.


Did you know?

A hive can hold upto 50,000 bees.

Without bees we wouldn't have any fruit or vegetables.

Bees have 6 nectar pots on their legs to collect the nectar.

Male bees are called Drones.

Bees do a "Wiggle Waggle Dance" to show the other bees where the best flowers are.

Fairy Garden

Some of the children were interested in the magic of fairies and Miss Tyson had asked us to do a little work in the allotment. What better way to do this than to make a fairy garden.

Bramblebank Wood

We have been busy investigating nature, we enjoyed spending time in the woods. We hid in the bird hide and spotted birds, we practised our hurdling skills with thin sticks and spotted (and avoided!) the nettles.

All of this work made us hungry, what better way to end the day than with a snack in the woods. Yummy!

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