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Summer Term


A nest!

On our first day back we found a nest in the outisde cupboard! We started to think about what could be inside the eggs and then set about marking off the area to keep them safe. How exciting!!!

Birds nest


We have been thinking about jobs that people do and what we would like to do when we are older. We used PicCollage to add our photo to our chosen profession!


Life cycles

We have had a very exciting delivery - 5 caterpillars! We cannot wait to watch their transformation into butterflies!


Whittling Sticks

We have been learning how to whittle sticks using a peeler in BBW. We wear a glove on our helping hand and peel away from ourselves to keep safe.


The Very Hungry Caterpillar

We have read The Very Hungry Catterpillar. We have created a text map of the story, written a list of food that he ate, taste tested plums (a fruit lots of us hadn't tasted before, printed using fruits from the story and talked about what makes us healthy. We even had a go at creating our own retelling of the story using our ipad! Take a look!

Hungry Caterpillar.mp4

Dandelion lemonade

We have lots of dandelions in our school grounds and these sparked conversation about their life cycle which we then explored. We went to pick some and made our very own dandelion lemondade. 

'The lemon is sour. I think I like it!' FB



The Very Hungry Caterpillar Smoothie

We used fruits from the story to make a smoothie. We learnt the bridge hold for chopping and used a blender to mix it altogether. Everybody tried some - Well done!


Butterfly update

Four of our 5 butterflies had emerged before half term but unfortunately we couldn't release them together. They were very beautiful butterflies who happily flew away ready to begin the next part of their life cycle!

2021-05-31 11.45.512021-05-31 11.44.08
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