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The Magnificent Seven


Welcome back to what we hope will be another successful year for all of the Magnificent 7 (even if we are currently 9!).

Important Information:

PE day: Wednesday

Homework: Handed out on a Friday to be handed in the following Wednesday. Daily times tables practice and reading. Weekly spelling test (Friday)

Congratulations to our new School Councillor



This year we will be learning:

Autumn Term‚Äč
English -  extracts from James and the Giant Peach 
Maths - written methods to add, subtract, multiply and divide; time; drawing and interpreting graphs and charts and co-ordinates
Science - Forces, the work of Sir Isaac Newton, light
Geography - mapping skills, contintents, climate, time zones, tourism
History - WW1, the suffragette movement 
R.E - festivals of light, justice and freedom
Music - music from around the world
Art - drawing skills
D.T - designing an advertising campaign
I.T - e safety

Spring Term
English - 
Maths - algebra, problem solving, geometry and fractions, decimals & percentages
Science - planning and recording investigations
History - famous explorers, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and Maya
Geography - geographical features, comparing continents
R.E - living a faith
Music - rhytmn, musical notation
Art - 3D sculpture, architecture
I.T - scratch, spreadsheets

Summer Term
English -
Maths - problem solving, statistics, measurement, algebra, ratio
Science - evolution, the work of Charles Darwin, the human body, healthy lifestyles
Geography - mapping skills
Art - drawing and painting skills 
Music - composition
D.T - a healthy diet
R.E - hopes and visions

In July, on 'moving up' day, we talked about what makes a good classroom. In small groups we made a list of ingredients and wrote a recipe for the perfect classroom.

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