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Autumn Term 2015

Welcome to our Class Page

We are settling well into our new class and classroom. Our first short IPC topic is called 'Brainwaves' and we will be finding out about how we learn and what each of us are good at.

In literacy we have been writing poetry and reading Roald Dahl's 'The Magic Finger'. In numeracy we are working on place value and calculation.


We have been very busy, over the last few weeks, learning how to write stories. First of all we read the picture book 'The Wild Woods' and then decided we would add more detailed text to this for children who could not see the pictures. We concentrated on writing in sentences and we are all getting much better at this.

This week we are writing our own story books about adventures in Bramblebank wood.


After our half term break, we have based our literacy work on Autumn, writing acrostic poems, and in numeracy we are adding and subtracting 10s and 1s from 2 digit numbers.

We are continuing our IPC work by focusing on trees and plants in our school grounds and the effect of autumn on them. We will be doing some science investigations to find out what plants need to grow and survive.in Britain and the Rainforest.

Gangsta Granny

We really enjoyed our visit to the Baths Hall to watch a production of Gangsta Granny. It was funny, exciting and sad in places. We wrote about our favourite scenes and then worked in groups to build models, in lego, of these scenes.

Bramblebank Wood

We have been planning for our work in literacy in Bramblebank Wood. We will be writing a poem and then a description about the wood. We discovered that some of our willow structures  from the summer term had survived and we even found one of  our stick people.


We had great fun planting two large plant pots for outside our classroom. Everyone shared the tasks and we planted daffodil bulbs under the compost, to grow in spring, and planted cyclamen above this to flower all winter.

We will be designing and planting out our plot in the allotment after half term.

Leaf Art

We collected hundreds of different coloured Autumn leaves and used them to make our individual floor pictures. We had hoped to do this outside but the rain just would not stop! We really enjoyed sorting the leaves and using different shapes, colours and textures to create our 'Art from Nature'.

We have had a busy morning preparing for our Christingle Service. Thank you Y6 for all your help. First we needed to put red tape around an orange. Then we had to push a candle through a square of foil into the top of the orange. Finally we threaded sweets and raisins onto 4 cocktail sticks and pushed them into the orange.

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