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Autumn Term 2018

Before we start our new school year we would like to celebrate a success from last year. Congratulations to Bob on winning the Wilson Award for being "the best you can be". Congratulations Bob from all of M7, it was well deserved.

Looking forward this term

Our topic for the first half term is 'The Holiday Show'. We will be learning:
* The location of different countries and continents, their geographical and physical features and what they have to offer as a tourist destination
*  About the new Keadby Local History Trail 
* How maps can give us tourist information
* About tourism and its impact on regions, countries and cultures
* How we can create an eco-friendly, sustainable holiday resort
* About the history of Keadby
* How to evaluate materials used to market holidays
* How to create our own marketing materials to sell a holiday or tourist attraction
* About music from different coutries around the world
* How to create an app to help tourists visiting new places
* How to stay safe online
* How to use charcoal to create a city-scape
* How to develop our drawing techniques
* About the life and work of artists from around the world
* Freedom and Justice

In addition to this, to mark the centenary of Universal Suffrage in the UK, we will be learning about the suffragettes.

Road Safety

This morning Miss Jeannie came to talk to us about road safety. We discussed dangers including using your mobile phone and listening to music which can distract us; we could easily step into the path of oncoming cars. Also, we talked about the importance of wearing a seat belt in cars. In small groups we role played different scenarios.

European Banquet

This week we enjoyed a banquet, sampling traditioinal food from the UK, France, Spain, Germany, Poland, Italy, Switzerland and Greece. We thought about the appearance, taste, flavour and texture of each delicious sample.


James and the Giant Peach

To celebrate Roald Dahl Day, we read extracts from James and the Giant Peach. We looked at and discussed how Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker treated James. In pairs, we took on the roles of James and one of the Aunts and had a conversation. Next, we wrote what we had said in a play script.

Working alongside Y6, we tried to find a way to lift a peach (ball of cotton wool) without using our hands. We made a rocket, catapults and used balloons.

For our entry point to our topic "The Holiday Show", we researched the capital of France, Paris as a possible travel destination. We used a variety of different medias to research; including an atlas, leaflets, film and possibly the best one – eating! We wrote persuasive leaflets and then presented the information to Miss Watson’s class (Year 4).


Macmillan Coffee Afternoon

Thank you to everyone who came to our coffee afternoon. We had a great time baking buns and helping out at the cafe.

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