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Summer Term 2018

Welome back.

Our IPC topic this term is The Great, The Bold and The Brave.

The history of western civilisation begins with the Greeks and the Romans. Their expanding empires helped to spread ideas about architecture, food, entertainment, literature, science, medicine and politics across the globe. As their empires ended, other cultures rose to prominence, absorbing and passing on their own ideas and cultures – creating the world we know today. 

In History, we’ll be finding out:

About the Greek city-states of Athens and Sparta

How people voted in Athens and Sparta

How the Persian War brought the Greek city-states together

What the Parthenon can tell us about Athenian life

How to perform our own Greek play

About the life Alexander the Great and what he achieved

Why Rome had a republic and then an emperor

What daily life was like in Ancient Rome

What happened when the Romans invaded another country

Why the Roman Empire declined

What happened when the Anglo-Saxons invaded and settled in Britain

About the Viking invasion of Britain

About the life and legacy of Alfred the Great

How to use archaeological evidence to find out about the past

About the history of Britain, from the Roman occupation to the Norman Conquest

In Music, we’ll be finding out:

How to write and perform our own Greek chorus

In Art, we’ll be finding out:

About Ancient Greek and Roman art

How to create our own piece of art in a Greek or Roman style

In International, we’ll be finding out:

About the effects of invasion on countries around the world


For our Entry Point we became 'classical architects'. We recreated two of the famous and most celebtrated buildings from the ancient world; the Coliseum and the Theatre of Dionysus. The photographs portray our journey.  

Thank you to Mrs Johnson for arranging our wonderful day out at Doncaster Racecourse. We enjoyed dressing up in jockey silks and taking part in a race. I am not sure all of us were good at predicting the winners! 


We made great Spartans and Athenians for our Ancient Greek Day. We learnt to make Tzatziki and Houmous - delicious! We prepared ourselves for war by making shields. For when we were victorious we made Greek jewelery - a fun last day of term but also a good learning experience.


Today, the Sea Cadets visited school and we spent an interesting morning learning about the dangers we face if we play in or near water such as the canal near school. We were shown how to help someone if they found themselves in difficulty, throwing ropes to rescue them. 
In addition to this, we took part in a rowing challenge. We were split into two teams and took it in turns to go on the rowing machine. However, at the same time we had to catch fish and avoid being eaten by a shark. This meant we had to speed up and slow down at the right time.

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