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Autumn Term 2017

Christmas in the Community


We hand delivered Christmas cards that we made to our neighbours in the community. They were delighted and really thankful!

We have just put on an incredible KS1 nativity. We learned songs, dances and lots of lines. Our parents thought it was amazing.


We have learned about the importance of Remembrance and WWII. Year one compared life in the past to life now and discussed rationing.

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Our work based on The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me. We had lots of fun thinking about the jobs animals might do and using chocolate playdough to compare sizes of giraffe necks and monkey tails.

World Food Day

Our focus country was France. We learned about the capital city, famous landmarks, how to speak basic French and the French flag. We also tasted delicious croissants and pain au chocolat. 

"I liked the buttery taste."

"It was crumbly and tasty."

We also learned about a famous French artist, Henri Mattisse. Check out our artwork in school.


Here we are working together to make numbers with our fingers!

Advent Spiral

Our Advent Spiral was a beautiful, spiritual event. We walked through the spiral and had our candle lit. We thought about our families and the people we love.



Our focus books this term have been:

- The Giraffe and The Pelly and Me

- Enormous Turnip

- Great Fire of London

- Peepo


We have been reading the Enormous Turnip and we have written our own stories about colossal carrots, large parsnips and giant pumpkins.

We have made the farmer's vegetable soup too!


We are making giraffe necks and monkey tails out of chocolate playdough.

Our first week in Year One was incredible! We enjoyed watching the Tour of Britain zoom past our school. We cheered as loud as we could and sang The National Anthem, as well as some cycling songs.

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