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Autumn Term 2018

Super Humans


Our topic this half term is called Super Humans. It has a science theme based around the human body.

We will be finding out about:

  • What the main parts of the body are called
  • What the senses are and their uses
  • How the brain connects to other body parts
  • How to eat healthily and get enough exercise
  • How and why we use medicines
  • Why body hygiene is important

We recommend sharing some of the books below with your child:

  • Dr Suess- Ear book, Eye book, Nose book, Tooth book
  • Katie Daynes- Look inside your body
  • Any non fiction books about the human body

During English lesson, as part of our topic, we will be enjoying lots of super hero books. We also recommend these:

  • Nick Sharratt- Super Daisy
  • Mini Grey- Traction man
  • Lizzy Stewart- Juniper Jupiter

We highly recommend using your local library, it is free to join and you will find lots of quality books.

Activities to do with your child-

Researching the role of a health care professional

Involve children in the planning and preparation of healthy meals

Discuss the importance of keeping ourselves clean and the safe use of medicines

Using your senses to taste, smell and feel new things. E.g. feely bag full of different textures, smell pots and tasting new flavours from around the world.

Busy Baking

We enjoyed making crispy cakes ready for our Macmillan coffee afternoon.  We practised our counting skills and talked about how the chocolate changed as it melted.    

Roald Dahl Day

Throughout this week we have been reading the story 'The Giraffe and Pelly and Me'.  We have designed our own sweets and painted characters from the story.  We finished the week, celebrating Roald Dahl's birthday by dressing up as different characters from his stories.  

We can count!

We have been learning how to count to 100 in lots of different ways.  

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