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Spring Term 2018

This term we are learning about Toys


In History, we'll be finding out about:

  • about toys and games from the past
  • how to decide if a toy is new or old
  • how to create our own toy museum
  • how we can learn about the past in different ways

In Science, we'll be finding out about:

  • how to sort toys based on what they are made out of
  • which materials can be bent, squashed, twisted or stretched
  • what materials are best for making a bath toy
  • about pushes and pulls, and how things move

In Technology, we'll be finding out about:

  • 'magic' toys that fool our eyes
  • how to design and make our own board game
  • how to design and make our own puppets

In Physical Education, we'll be finding out about:

  • how different toys move

In ICT, we'll be finding out about:

  • How to make our own space-themed computer game

In International, we'll be finding out about:

  • a popular game from another country and teaching others to play it


We've been discussing Peter Blake's Toy Shop art work, here's what we thought:

'The toys look old like the ones we played with.'

'We don't see toy shops with toys like that anymore.'

'I think this art work is from the past because lots of the toys are wooden.'

'The shop looks small but Toys R'Us is big'


We 'Ohhhhed and Ahhhhed' over our science experiement this week. The water moved up kitchen roll into an empty beaker. It was incredible to see!


DOGGER by Shirley Hughes

Our English focus is Dogger. We are loving this story and are going to write our own with our favourite toys in. Pop into the classroom to find out what we've been doing.


As part of PSHCE, we thought about what we'd like to achieve this year. Some of us wanted to improve our handwriting or reading and some had aspirations to improve running and riding our bikes. With our great attitudes to learning and always 'being the best we can be' we will reach our goals.

Our new topic started with an amazing toy workshop from Verity at the local museum. 

We has an opportunity to play with and compare toys from Tudor times, Victorian times and within living memory. We noticed that all the Tudor toys were wooden. 

We had a blast playing with all the toys so we wrote thank you letters to Verity.


Our first week back was money week so we've been learnning about different coins and their value. Mrs White took us to the shop with some money to spend and  we had to use our adding skills to see how much we'd spent.

A class member brought in some coins from the past and we looked at the Kings and Queens on those coins. Mrs White showed us which Queen was on the coins during Victorian times and we discussd the old toys we could've bought from our toy workshop.

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