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Autumn Term 2017

World Food Day

Our special box on World Food day taught us all about Spain.  We used atlases to find where in the world Spain was and researched different facts about the country.  We worked together to cook a cheesy fritatta which tasted delicious.  As part of our work on Spain we looked at the artist Pablo Picasso before having a go at creating our own self portraits in his style.       

The Little Red Hen

In Literacy we have been retelling the story of The Little Red Hen.  We also looked at instructional texts and followed a recipe to make our own bread rolls.  

What we have enjoyed so far...

  • "learning helps me write better" 
  • "working with year 1"
  • "class cup"
  • "harder challenges"
  • "reading Fantastic Mr Fox"
  • "playing Abacus maths games"

Harvest Delivery


Thank you for all of the food donations, we wrapped and packaged them up before delivering them.  

Roald Dahl Day

We enjoyed reading Fantastic Mr Fox and writing our own character descriptions.  We celebrated by dressing up as characters from Roald Dahl stories.  


After learning about the Jewish traditions of Sukkot we went into Bramblebank woods and created our own temporary shelters using natural, found materials.  

Preparing for Harvest

To start our topic we worked with year 1 to explore the traditions and symbols associated with Harvest. 

Time Travellers

In History we will be finding out:

  • How to create a timeline
  • About events that are important to us
  • About important events that happened in our local area
  • How we can find out about an event by interviewing someone who was there
  • How to use different sources to learn about a national event
  • About events of global significance by asking and answering questions

In International we will be finding out:

  • About different festivals from around the world
  • How we can compare different festivals from around the world
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