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Autumn Term

Welcome to Year 2

For World Food Day, we researched Jamaica and found out about human and physical features, famous people from Jamaica and made a Jamaican Ginger Cake. We used DT skills such as; practised sieving, cracking eggs, grating and beating. 



We made delicious apple and blackberry crumble using blackberries we foraged from our field. We practised some new DT skills:

- peeling

-cutting using a bridge hold

-rubbing fat into flour

We then ate it and wrote a food review using new adventurous vocabulary.

Then we had to get the crumble home to our parents. So we did an investigation to see which materials would be best for the job. We used a pipette and water to test absorbancy and quickly realised we didn't want a soggy box. Most of us chose to put foil on the inside of our boxes.


We have been enjoying learning about our local area and the villages where we live. We went on a walk to see Keadby Bridge and the River Trent. We have found out some facts about the bridge so ask us all about it.



For Remembrance this year, we have enjoyed reading two books by Hilary Robinson and Martin Impey- Where the Poppies Now Grow and Peace Lily. We have focussed on nurses and their role in World War One. The children have created some wonderful artwork based on the work by Hannah Hoch. We also had a Zoom Workshop with Martin Impey who told us all about his illustrations and his own families stories from the war.


We have learned about why we have fireworks on Bonfire night. We know lots of facts about Guy Fawkes and have written some super Bonfire poetry.


In Science, we have enjoying classifying objects that float and sink.

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