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Spring Term 2020

Our topic for this half term is 'New Life'


This term we will be learning-

English- Writing instructions, character descriptions and a variety of non fiction writing about animals.

Maths- learning fractions of shapes and amounts.

Science- finding out plants, lifecycles and food chains.

DT- designing and making seed bombs

History- chronology linked to family

Geography- looking at human and physical features in our area, especially farms.

Music- learning songs linked to space for our 'Big Sing' and putting music to puppets shows to add effect.

RE- Easter celebrations and different symbols of Christianity and Judaism



Aliens - 16012020, 22.16.mp3Calling Occupants - 16012020, 22.32.mp3Purple People Eater.mp3Silver Moon - 16012020, 22.15.mp3Space Travel - 16012020, 22.15.mp3Starlight - 16012020, 22.18.mp3The Final Countdown - 13012020, 18.58.mp3

We participated in several very exciting events recently- Big Sing and Speech and Drama KS1 Choral. We came second with 88 marks with our poems 'Scissors' and 'Crocodile'. 


The children have made our own educational toys, learned about what toys are made of and even had some toys come alive in our classroom. 

We tested materials to see which ones were the best to make shadow puppets. We used torches to test whether they were transparent, translucent or opaque.

We then produced our own shows for Chinese New Year.

All children designed and made an adorable finger puppet. We learned how to sew using the running stitch and produced lovely toys for ourselves and family members.


We read the traditional tale- Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We rewrote an alternative middle section. Some children had Goldilocks taking a bath or baking cakes.

We also made our own porridge in class too. Most of us thought it was delicious!


We have been learning about a significant female scientist called Katherine Johnson for science week. We wrote space poems and made paper airplanes to see how throwing them affected the distance they travelled. 

Here is one of our poems-

Rockets setting off

Coutning, blasting, flaming

Heading to Mars

Zooming, blurring, steaming

Seeing a UFO out of the window

Beeping, flashing, controlling

Landing safely on Mars

Cheering, clapping, floating

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