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Spring Term 2019


We celebrated World Book Day and enjoyed the full school theme of Peter Pan.

We read so many books by different authors and looked at non fiction books linked to our literacy. We were experts at finding headings, sub headings, labelled diagrams, contents pages and glossary.


Welcome to the circus...

This term Year Two will be learning about the circus. They will be:

Reading texts linked to the circus.

Researching the history of the circus.

Studying different types of art work.

Debating the use of animals in the circus.


We are such great writers that we decided to enter a writing competition. We worked hard to write a diary from the point of view of an animal from a circus... watch this space for winnng entries.


We have enjoyed being detectives and using the front cover of our new class book to suggest what we think the story is going to be about. We worked in groups to discuss in detail.

Who is the boy?

Where is the place between?

Where would my place between be?



During art we have been learning about Georges Seurat. We studied his picture carefully and replicated his artwork.

Did you know that his pictures are actually made out of thousands of little dots that all blend together to make stunning pieces of art?


We researched the history of animals and their roles within a circus. We decided, as a class, that we didn't think it was a kind, fair way to treat animals. We felt so stongly about this that we wrote a letter to Sam Sly from the book "The SInging Mermaid" to persuade him to change his ways.


Easter Story.

We enjoyed retelling The Easter Story using Godly Play Props. We worked as a table to draw the images matched to each part of the story.

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