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Autumn Term 2015


As a class, we have begun to talk about what E-Safety means and the reasons it is so important to keep safe on the internet.

We are looking at the SMART rules and have created our own E-Safety posters and videos to help other people understand what E-Safety means and its importance.

Rainforest Homework

We were set the task of creating a rainforest project of our choice. We had a circle time to show off all of our hard work. You can see how fantastic it is!

Class Cooking Challenge

Year 3 discussed what it means when foods are in season and the reasons why we have seasonal foods.

We created our own autumnal Orchard Crumble, using blackberries, figs, apples and plums. We worked in teams to create all of the different parts of it and then designed our own posters to advertise it.

Our favourite part was when we got to eat it in the afternoon - it was very yummy!


Our next IPC topic - Saving The World.

When Year 3 entered the classroom on Thursday morning, there were warnings on the door such as "DANGER! Wild animal!" and "Keep out!". We decided to see what had happened within our classroom and were all greeted by the smells of the rainforest, surrounded by lots of trees, vines, plants and a range of animals which had taken over our classroom!

We began to create some plants and animals that we believe are grown, or live in, the rainforest and added them to our rainforest environment.

We had an unexpected visitor in the afternoon - Mr Chop! He came in and proceeded to create damage to the rainforest environment. This made us begin to think what effect this would have on the wildlife and the people that live in the rainforest, as well as what effects this can begin to have on us!


Our first IPC topic was called Brainwave.

Every day we are learning lots of new and different things and by finding out more about how we learn and how we can improve our leaning, we will be better equipped for meeting the challenges ahead of us.

In this unit we will be finding out:

  • How different people learn
  • About the importance of practice when learning a skill
  • How the brain works
  • How to make connections between our learning
  • Why it is important to learn from other children and cultures around the world
  • How positive thinking can help us to succeed
  • How to look after our brain
  • How to design a school for learning
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