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Spring Term


Welcome back to a brand new term! We have lots of exciting things planned this term so keep checking back for updates.

We finished off last term's IPC topic beautifully and painted our face in the style of the rainforest tribes! Here we are!

Here we are with our tally charts as National Bird Watching. We saw a variety of birds even though it was cold and wet!

As part of our topic, we have been looking at the digestive system in detail. We have been brilliant scientists, creating flow charts, sequencing and even writing our own diary entry of the journey of a banana sandwich! Below, here we are taking part in our digestive system investigation. It was MESSY! We had so much fun as you can see!

Human Body Homework Project

 As part of our work about Treasure Island, in maths we have been looking at identifying coordinates on a treasure map. We learnt to swim across then fly up to find the coordinate.

Here we are playing with our partner.

We were lucky enough to have a special visitor on Thursday 23rd March - a poet called Dommy B! He was brilliant. In our workshop we created a rhyming couplet poem and we had fantastic fun creating and performing to the school and parents.

Y3/4 production of Treasure Island! We were AMAZING!

We have been looking at rocks, plants and soil in science. We have planned and set up a fair test to investigate "What do plants need to grow well?" We worked in Kagan teams and are observing our plants over the next couple of weeks.

As we are looking at rocks we have been exploring the 3 different types of rocks and how they are formed.


Here we are for our entry point - we had a breakfast survey, senses station, checking our pulse with our very special guest Dr Coughalot! We also had sorting foods into healthy and unhealthy, all about the body and medicines games on laptops and much more! It was very exciting.

Here we are as part of Safer Internet Day and Children's Mental Health. We took part in many activies in the morning to discuss how to create a better, safer internet. In the afternoon, we discussed our class superhero qualities and created a banner. We joined hands as a school to show how we can all work together as a team to help and support others.

On Thursday 22nd February, we were SUPER lucky to have Nick Sharratt visit us. We had a draw-along in the hall. We carried on in the classroom after. Here are some photos of our illustrations!

As part of Speech and Drama, we have done SO well this week!

Maisie - 3rd

Morgan - 2nd

Ruby - 2nd

Phoebe, Sophie, Suzie, Ellie, Molly, Harlow and Halle - Merit

Well done girls!


Bright Sparks - Circuits

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