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Spring Term 2019

Chocolate topic!


We became scientists on Wednesday 9th January and had 5 different stations based on our senses. We had to discuss, reason, enquire and predict at these stations all relating to chocolate. Each station had 2 key questions we had to answer.

We had fun of course tasting these too! Pictures below show the exciting activities we did.

Organising the history of chocolate into timeline order

Year 3 hve been looking closely at the production of choclolate and how it varies greatly from its origins. In this activity, they sorted historical events relating to chocolate into date order.

Literacy Drama...

Our book 'No Monkeys No Chocolate!' is a great way to show how a plant (the cacao tree) is dependant on a whole host of outside influences to thrive - in this case; lizards, midges, fungi and monkeys to name a few. The children used their drama skills to show the importance of each animal. In their kagan groups, they created a dramaical scene using a few words and actions to show their 'section' and importance within the lifecycle of the tree.

Safer Internet day 2019

Year 3 Safer Internet Day

Year 3 learnt a 'Safer Internet' rap and presented it to the class. We discussed how to keep safe on the internet and how to help our parents learn about esafety as well!.

Chocolate - The Big Idea

In Geography, we’ll be finding out:
Where cacao trees are found
About the factors affecting the growth of cacao trees
About other cash crops
In History, we’ll be finding out:
Who first discovered chocolate
Who took the first chocolate to Europe
About the importance of cocoa beans for trade
In Science, we’ll be finding out:
About the ingredients in chocolate
If chocolate causes tooth decay
Why chocolate wrappers are made from special materials
What the melting point of chocolate is
In Technology, we’ll be finding out:
How to make our own chocolate
What we can add to chocolate
In Art, we’ll be finding out:
How to design a wrapper for our chocolate bar
In International, we’ll be finding out:
What fair trade chocolate is
What other fair trade products there are
How important chocolate is

Tasting 99% Cacao chocolate

Not the sweet treat they were expecting...99% cacao chocoalte is the closest thing we can buy to Aztec or Mayan chocolate which we have been learning about. As you can see from their faces - it was a very bitter difference to their usual chocolate!

Respect, Excellence and Friendship Awards

Year 3 REF

A huge well done and very much deserved!

What are shadows?

During our study of Peter Pan, we discussed why Peter thought that he had to sow his shaddow on to his feet. This prompted a full class discussion and a lot of questions, so set up our own investigation of shadows.

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