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Summer Term

welcome back

It's our final term in Year 3! What a busy, action-packed, fun-filled one we have planned.

Keep checking back to see what we are up to!

the tin forest

Our new class book is: 'The Tin Forest'.

We love it already!


We have recently entered a national poetry competition!

We wrote a repetition poem about our hopes, wishes and dreams.

Here we are posting our entries - we are so excited to hear the results!

We recently went into BBW to share our favourite books with our friends.

Here we are with our outstanding models of the Tin Forest we completed as part of our homework project!

active planet

On Tuesday, Year 3 and 4 had their entry point for their new IPC topic - Active Planet. We entered the hall to caution signs on the door and a siren where we all laid down on the floor!

We spent the morning working in groups on plans of what to do in case our school became a disaster relief centre. We were all extremely organised and had an exciting morning.


We are really excited for our new IPC topic: MATERIAL WORLD.

On Friday 28th April, we entered the hall with a special invitation we had received from Miss Watson, inviting us to attend a sculpture challenge!

We had great fun designing and planning our own sculptures with Year 4 using a range of recycled materials and even got Mrs Sowerby in to judge us! 

In Science, we’ll be finding out:

  • How and why different materials are used
  • How to test the properties of a material
  • About the uses for glass and plastic
  • About the metals that are attracted to magnets
  • Which materials allow electricity to pass through them
  • Which materials allow heat to pass through them
  • About solids, liquids and gases and the water cycle
  • How natural and manmade materials are different


In Technology, we’ll be finding out:

  • About moving mechanisms including gears, levers and linkages
  • How to design and make a product for a bicycle
  • In International, we’ll be finding out:
  • Where materials come from
  • Why plastic waste is a global problem and what we can do about it

As part of our class book "The Tin Forest", we have planned and written our own version of the story from the toucan's point of view. We copied it up into a proper book and even illustrated it! They were fantastic! Here we are sharing our stories with Year 1.

We created a fruit cocktail in maths using our knowledge of capacity. It was so yummy we even had seconds!

Sports Day 2017

Here we are below at Lincolnshire Show. It was amazing!

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