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Summer Term 2019

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Next Topic: Material World

Within this predominantly science-based topic, we will be discussing materials and their uses and asking questions such as... What does this material feel like?
Is this material strong or weak (breakable)?
Why is this a good material to use for this purpose?

Material World entry point

Each table was set a challenge to design a figure using recycled materials. We looked at the artwork of Antony  Gormley (creator of the Angle of the North).

They then voted to decide which design they should make as a table, thinking about materials available to them.


Investigating Forces - Friction

The challenge was to investigate what causes friction and which surface would have the highest amount of friction and therefore slow the car down. We discussed fair testing and made predictions.

Identifying the best insulating material

Year 3 were asked to investigate how to keep my coffee warm and where the heat goes.

Identifying different materials and their uses on a bike

We looked closely at a bike and identified the different materials found on it and discussed why those particular materials had been used for that purpose.


A huge congratulations to the following children for being awarded the Super Star award.

Name: Date Awarded
Jack 26.04.19
William: 03.05.19
Darcie: 10.05.19
Katelyn: 21.06.19
Eddie: 28.06.19

Creating butterflies for the 20:21 Kaleidoscope Exhibition 18th May - 29th June

We have been creating butterflies which will form part of an exhibition to be held at…
20-21 Visual Arts Centre 
18 May – 29th June 2019

This has been a community project supported by the Isle of Axholme & Hatfield Chase Landscape Partnership and St Marks Community Group, Amcotts.

Science investigation day

Forces of friction, electrical conductors and magnetism were all investigated today!

Maths investigation - making 3D shapes

We have been looking at shapes, lines and angles and, in this lesson, we created 3D shapes out of spaghetti and play dough.

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