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Autumn Term 2016

Welcome to the Year 4 class page. On this page you will find important information about life in year 4, examples of our work and photographs of our learning.

Useful Information

Class Teacher - Mrs Whitehouse

Teaching Assistant - Mr Wren

PE Day - Monday

Homework - Assigned on a Friday to be handed in on the following Wednesday. Weekly spellings, daily reading and times tables practise is in addition to this.

Library Day - Thursday


Year 4 School Councillors

school council 002(1)

A HUGE well done to Maddison and Riley for being chosen to represent our views on the school council.

Learning Overview

English: Class Book - The Twits and The Witches by Roald Dahl. Through these children will develop skills in writing character descriptions, settings, list poems and a newspaper report.

Maths: Number and place value. Add and subtract 4 digit numbers. Grid method for multiplication.

IPC: Brainwave and Temples, Tombs and Treasures.

ICT: E Safety and Intenet Research.

French: Rigolo Unit 1

PSHE: New Beginnings and Getting on and falling out


First Day - Stacking cups teambuilder

Each newly formed team had the challenge of stacking the 7 plastic cups into a pyramid ONLY. This wasn't as easy as it seemed. We could only hold/touch the string attached to the elastic band and nothing else. Here are some pictures of us in action!

IPC - Temples, Tombs and Treasures


Over the next term, Years 3 and 4 will be will be learning about ancient civilisations through the topic of TEMPLES, TOMBS and TREASURES.

As Historians, we’ll be:

  • Finding out about the importance of rivers to ancient civilisations
  • Finding out about the daily life of Egyptians
  • Learning how to write using Egyptian hieroglyphics
  • Finding out about the different rulers of Egypt
  • Finding out about Ancient Egyptian religions and burials
  • Finding out how pyramids were built
  • Finding out about the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb
  • Using sources to find out about Ancient Sumer
  • Comparing life in Ancient Sumer with life in Ancient Egypt

As Musicians, we’ll be:

  • Learning about the instruments used in Ancient Egypt and Ancient Sumer
  • Creating our own music to retell a story from an Ancient civilisation

As Artists, we’ll be:

  • Creating our own tomb wall painting
  • Making an Ancient Egyptian headdress

As Internationalists, we’ll be:

  • Planning an Ancient Egyptian party to share with family and friends


World Food Day

On Friday 7th October we celebrated World Food Day in school. We went into the hall for a very special assembly where we got presented with a box of food from our country MEXICO. We spent the day researching facts, cooking Chilli Con Carne and writing instructions for our recipe. Here are some photos from our day!

ENTRY POINT - 15.9.16

After lunch we walked into the Year 3 classroom to hear 'Walk like an Egyptian' being played and 5 Egyptian themed stations to explore:

1. Mummification station

2. Sands of time

3. Hieroglyphic stamping

4. Take a peek

5. Broken Fragments.

We even had a visit from Tutankhamun!

Festival of the Plough - Scarecrow competition

Our class scarecrow was designed by Jayden who wanted to create Moonface from the Enchanted Tree series by Enid Blyton. Here is the finished product!

Roald Dahl Day 005(1)

Book Fairy

We came into school one morning to find 'The Accidental Secret Agent' by Tom Mclaughlin on Mrs Whitehouse's desk. It was accompanied by a note from the Book Fairy who very kindly left it for us to read in the promise that we write back to her to talk about the story. We have just started this book and we are already HOOKED!


Artist Visit

We have been very fortunate to have a real life artist visit our school during our special week where we have been reflecting upon festivals of light. Here are some photographs of us making diva lamps from clay.

Diwali Day

On Friday 18th November we spent the day learning about Diwali. Ayhan's mum came in to teach us a Bollywood dance which was so much fun. We made a sweet snack which is customary during Diwali, and designed some Rangoli patterns. Below are a few photos from the day.

Temples, Tombs and Treasures Exit Point

Emily Sh 004

Temples, Tombs and Treasures Exit Point



We had a very special visitor awarding the RE&F medals in this half term's celebration assembly. Ian Johns, Head Coach of the Great Britain Paralympic Judo team, spent the morning with us in school. It was fascinating listening to his 'story' and it really inspired us all. Here are some pictures of us with him.


Ancient Egypt Homework

Take a look at the photographs of some of our fantastic Egyptian projects!


To celebrate the works of Roald Dahl we entered a competition back in September called 'Phizz Whizzing Words!'  Our poem was titled '10 things found in Mr Twit's Beard!' and 5 children from our class were winners! This means that their poem will be published in a very special book. We are so excited to see it once it is ready! Here they are with their very special envelopes!

Poetry Competition 005(1)

Operation Christmas Child

We have been learning about the charity Operation Christmas Child and how the shoeboxes can impact on children's lives. We have managed to fill 2 shoeboxes for a boy aged 5-9. What a generous class we are. Well done year 4.

Shoebox 001

Making decorations for the Christmas Fair

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