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Autumn Term 2017

Welcome to the Year 4 class page. On this page you will find important information about life in year 4, examples of our work and photographs of our learning. 

Useful Information

Class Teacher: Mrs Whitehouse

Teaching Assistant: Miss Thomas

PE Day: Monday and Wednesday

Homework: Assigned on a Friday to be handed in on the following Wednesday. Weekly spellings, daily reading and times tables practise is in addition to this. 

Library Day: Friday

School Councillors - Owen and Hannah

First week 081

Growth Mindset

We have been discussing the importance of having a growth rather than fixed mindset. Here are some pictures of our fixed mindsets and then our growth mindset statements.


We have been thinking about different ways in which we can estimate and represent numbers. Here are some pictures of us in action.


As part of R.E. we have been looking at the Christian explanation of creation. This week we created our own interpretations of the world using lego. We then went outside for a short playtime and when we got back into the classroom our creations had been DESTROYED. We had reflection time to think about how this made us feel and allowed us to discuss and think about the term 'Stewardship'. 

World Food Day 2017

Today we celebrated World Food Day in school. We went into a special assembly and we were all given a SECRET box filled with ingredients and clues about the country we would be learning about. When we got back to class, we soon worked out that our dish was chilli con carne and that it came from Mexico. We talked about what we know already about Mexico.

Grace, " Sombreros come from Mexico!"

Ethan," Tacos are Mexican!"

We then made the dish AND tasted it! After play we looked at a famous female artist, FRIDA KHALO. We thought about 4 key questions linked to one piece of her artwork titled "Self portrait and monkeys."


Forest School

This half term we will be spending time in BBW. This week we explored the following question: I WONDER HOW WE COULD KEEP OURSELVES DRY AND PROTECTED? We showed fantastic team work skills to produce shelters. Here are some pictures (spot Mrs Wilson testing them with her watering can!)

Operation Christmas Child

As a class, we decided that we would like to make our own shoebox for a boy aged 10-14. Thank you so much for all of the contributions, we had so much we managed to make 2 boxes!

Shoebox 005Merry-christmas-and-happy-new-year-25

First day back

Our first day back to school is a very special one! The tour of Britain is in North Lincolnshire and passes our school TWICE! We have a day of celebrating planned! Watch this space for photographs.


We had the best first day back at school! We took part in our very own bike race and then watched the Tour of Britain twice. Keadby had such a party atmosphere; there was bunting, decorated bikes and we sang the National Anthem whilst we were waiting. Here are a few photos from our day!

Roald Dahl Day

Roald Dahl Day 007T-T-8617-Saving-the-World-IPC-Photo-Display-Banner

Over the next term years 3&4 will be covering a unit of work called ‘Saving the World’ which is all about RAINFORESTS!


As Geographers, we’ll be finding out:

• Where rainforests are in the world

• Which rainforest products we use in our everyday lives

• About the lives of rainforest people and how they compare with our own

• How and why the rainforest is being destroyed

  • vering the ways that people are trying to save the rainforest


As Artists, we’ll be finding out:

• About rainforest body art and painting our faces in a similar style

• How we can use art to create a rainforest scene


In Science, we’ll be finding out:

• About different rainforest animals and plants

• Where different animals and plants live in the rainforest

• About rocks and soils found on the forest floor

• About colour in the rainforest and how it is used by animals and plants

• Why plants have leaves and why they can be different

• About the best conditions to grow a plant

• About rainforest fruits and seeds

• How to grow our own rainforest plant from a seed


In Technology, we’ll be finding out:

• How to plan and make our own tropical fruit drink


In Music, we’ll be finding out:

• How to represent a rainforest scene using music


In International, we’ll be finding out:

• How different countries and organisations are helping to save our rainforests


Rainforest Homework Projects

1940s Dress up day

As a school, we have been learning about WW2. We have been reading My Secret War diary, making clay poppies and exploring and learning about life during the war. On Friday, we dressed up in 1940s clothing. Thank you parents, everyone looked AMAZING!

WW2 003

Indigenous Tribes

We have been learning about tribes that live in the rainforest. As part of this, we went into Bramblebank Wood and designed and made our own tribe mud faces. Here are some of our photos.

Christmas reindeers

For our BBW Friends of School afterrnoon, we made some reindeers to sell. We LOVE them!

bbw 012(1)

Christmas in the community

Aswell as the cards that we made to send home to family, we made an extra card for somebody in our community. We went out and posted a card each through letterboxes in Keadby in the hope of spreading Christmas cheer. We hope you like them!

Foodchains 021
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