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Autumn Term

Local area study

Year 4 have started to look closely at our local area, focussing on the River Trent and what industry takes place along its banks.


Year 4 Art Ambassadors


SMART in computing

Year 4 have been looking into the SMART rules to keep safe online and discussing different scenarios.

Reading Club

Look at the joy in year 4 when they received their BRAND NEW reading books for Reading Club!

Harvest song

Year 4 have been learning a harvest song...


World Food Day - DT

We have been developing our knife-skills in DT through peeling and chopping apples for the delicious apple strudel that we made.

Autumn 1 REF awards

Celebrating our children's exceptional respect, excellence and friendship.

Forest school session 1 in Bramble Bank Woods

In our first session of First School we learnt fire safety around the fire pit and used teamwork to build squirrel bridges.

Showcasing some brilliant writing!

Year 4 have been writing some wonderful descriptive and imaginative non-chronological reports about the Choclate Monster...using their imagination to bring him to life!

MB Non ChronIT Non Chron


We have had a day based around science - sorting and classifying items into solids, liquids and gasses. The children had some wonderful discussions about where sand and glass fits in.

Sorts of matter 1(1)Particles(1)


We have had a wonderful, sorty day bringin scooters and bikes in to school.

Year 4 on bikesEin_rl9WkAMB2dXEin_ro3WkAEFZj2


We have been learning a new hymn in music


Science - Looking at beak adaptations

While looking at animal classifications and animal adaptations we posed the question 'Are all beaks the same?'. We then researched what different beaks there are and how they are different depending on the food eaten by the bird. Year 4 then designed and made their own beaks.

Artwork: Creating Batik

Year 4 have been experimenting with different media in art and created some Batik strips with the idea of developing this skill further, later on in the year.

For the Fallen - Showing respect on Remembrance Day


Year 4 supporting Children In Need


Timeline of Parliamentary history


In small groups, the children researched the dates of major historical interest linked to parliament and created a poster for each date sharing what they had learnt.

Forest School - Session 2 in Bramble Bank Woods

In our second session, we learnt safety needed to use loppers and created fairy and Tollin houses using the natural materials we could find in the forest.

Creating Archimedes Screw

In science, we have been learning about the many theories of Archimedes and the children were particularly interested in findin out how the screw pump could work, so we made our own!

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