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Spring 2020

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First Aid Course

First Aid

Year 4 learnt how to correctly give CPR as well as helping a choking friend, roll an unconcious person into the recovery position and how to bandage a bleading wound. They thought long and hard about their answers.

Entry Point for our Topic - The Human Body

We have started looking at our new topic-The Human Body- and used our various senses at different activity stations this morning. We may have some budding doctors amongst us!


Science Big Question... How are shadows formed?

We have been learning how shadows are formed and what material will make the best (darkest) shadow to help Peter Pan to make a new shadow.

Should children under 13 have a mobile?

We have been arguing the pros and cons of having a mobile phone before the age of 13, alongside our study of e-safety and how to avoid cyber bullying. 


Welcome Back!

Important Information:
PE: Monday afternoons. Please always bring a PE kit (shorts, team colour tshirts and trainers for warmer months, joggers, team colour tshirts, running jumper and trainers for cooler months). I would also recommend bringing an extra drink.
Teacher: Mrs Busby
TA: Mr Wren
Art: We will fit art in whenever it is appropriate, so please bring an old shirt/top/tshirt that can be kept at school to put over school clothing - we may (and quite often do) get a little mucky.
Drinks: Water only and these can be kept at the sink.

Science Investigations

We have been looking at the effect of everyday drinks on our teeth and were shocked by thefruit juive which caused a complete change in texture on the egg shell and the milk which actually caused a change in the size!

Eureka! Amazing trip!

Year 3 and 4 visited Eureka and took pat in a workshop called 'From Chew to Poo!' which was very hands on and engaging. The children loved the different areas of the museum, especially the large section dedicated to the human body where they discovered infra-red cameras, moving skeletons and the taste sensors on a tongue.

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Looking at the importance of analytical, scientific observational drawings

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