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Welcome back! We have got a busy, fun filled term of learning to look forward to. 

Class book- The Great Chocoplot by Chris Callaghan.


Growth Mindset

We all took part in a 'Marshmallow Challenge' in pairs. We had dried spaghetti and marshmallows and we had to make the tallest structure. We didn't know at the time, but Mrs Whitehouse was looking for those with a fixed or a growth mindset. Logan and Warren won the competition, closely followed by Emily S and Finley J. Following on from the activity, we had the chance to think about something in our lives where we can often have a fixed mindset and how it can be changed just by the way that we think. Here are some photos.

Cyber Buddies

Year 4 are going to be trained up to be Cyber Buddies for the school. This is an incredibly important job and one which we are taking very seriously. On Friday 13th January, Mrs Parker came into our class to begin our training. We will be presenting our findings in a special assembly on Safer Internet Day. We are very excited!

Persuasive writing

In Literacy, we have been learning how to write persuasively. We composed letters to our local School Partnership Development Manager for the North Lincolnshire School Sports Network to persuade her that we are a healthy and active school, and that we don't need to make any changes. Here is a picture of Lucy posting the envelope of letters to her containing our responses.

Gary and Sam

We have loved working with Gary and Sam over the last few weeks to create a bridge song as part of the Local History Study and learning how to caleigh dance. It has been a privilege to work with such talented musicians. 

Cyber buddies 002IMG_1118Gary Hammond 017

Year 4 Cyber Cafe

A6 Flyer Nic

Cyber Cafe

We did it! We are all offically Cyber Buddies for our school. We had a fabulous turnout and some great feedback from the parents. This is just the start of our journey though. We will keep you updated with what we have got planned for the future shortly.

14.2 003


We have been learning about the properties of quadrilaterals. Here are some pictures of us making quadrilaterals in the playground with elastic! We had so much fun!

Show Time!

Charlie and the Choc Factory 001


In Science, we read a poem called Chocolate by Michael Rosen and held chocolate in our hands to see what would happen. After that, we planned and investigated which type of chocolate (milk, white and dark) would melt first. We learnt lots that afternoon and felt like real scientists. Here are some pictures.

World Book Day 2017 - Jungle Book Theme

World Book Day 022

Making Chocolate 22.3.17

Today we have been making our very own chocolate products. We carried out market research to begin with, made our own designs and then used these designs to become a chocolatier! Here are some photos of the making process and the final product!

Exit Point - 5.4.17


SHOW TIME (30.3.17)

Water Safety 31.3.17

We are fortunate to have TWO whole weeks of swimming. We have just completed our first week and we have learnt so much and really enjoyed ourselves at the same time. This afternoon, Sarah who is one of the swimming teachers, came to teach us all about the importance of staying safe in the water. Here are some photos from our afternoon. 

Exit Point - YORK CHOCOLATE STORY - 5th April 2017

We had a FABULOUS time at York Chocolate Story. We learnt about the history of chocolate, made our very own chocolatl, how chocolate is made and best of all... we got to taste lots of chocolate along the way and make our very own chocolate lollies!

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