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Spring Term

Welcome back

We have a very busy and fun filled term ahead of us. We are beginning the year with MONEY WEEK, have 2 new and SECRET IPC topics to look forward to and our production of TREASURE ISLAND to rehearse and perform! We can't wait!

Money Week


Investigating Rocks

As part of our rainforest topic, we have been learning about rocks. We examined rocks through sight and touch and talked about similarities and differences. We then found out how rocks are made and the difference between man made and natural rocks. We then went onto find out that natural rocks can be divided into 3 main categories based on how they have been made: igenous, metamorphic and sedimentary.


This half term we will be exploring the following: 

The big idea

Your body is like an engine that never stops working. By knowing how the body works we can learn to look after it better and stay healthy. Do you know how to look after your eyes, ears, teeth, heart, bones and muscles?

Let’s find out.


As Scientists, we’ll be finding out:

• That we need light in order to see

• How we can make and hear sounds

• How human teeth compare to animal teeth

• How our body uses food and water

• How our heart works to keep us alive

• All about skeletons and muscles

• About the human life cycle

• Why exercise is good for us

• How tobacco and alcohol harm the body

• Which foods keep us healthy and why


As Technologists we’ll be finding out:

• How to plan and prepare a healthy meal


As Internationalists, we’ll be finding out:

• About people’s health problems


This week, the whole school has focused our learning around the theme of MONEY. In our class we mind mapped what we know about money, wrote our own Haiku poems about money and then investigated combinations of coins in Numeracy. On Friday, we joined with Reception class to share our learning. We loved hearing what they had been getting upto, and we were astounded with how much they could tell us about money. 


On a Monday afternoon, we get the special treat of Mrs Tate teaching us P.E. Here are some photographs of us working with the apparatus.

Entry Point: 12.1.18

This morning, our classroom was transformed into a Drs Surgery. We had to complete a body MOT by visiting a range of stations which included:

1. Senses station

2. Sorting healthy and unhealthy foods

3. Pulse investigation with Dr Coughalot and many more. 

We can't wait to get started with our new topic next week!

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