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Summer Term 2016

Welcome back! 

We are all ready for our final term as year 4's. We have got lots to look forward to this term, in particular our performance of Panto Pandemonium! The countdown is on! Keep checking our class page for updates and photographs.



On Thursday 21st April we performed our show to parents. It was AMAZING! Mrs Tate said it was outstanding and the best show the Althorpe and Keadby had put on. We are so proud of ourselves, all our hardwork paid off. Here are a few photos taken before curtain call!

Year 3&4 TRIP

On Thursday 26th May we will be visiting the National Childrens Museum EUREKA. This will form our IPC exit point and we have got lots of fun and enriching activities planned for the day! We can't wait!



We planted in our allotment patch this week. We decided to plant beetroot and can't wait to cook with it once it has grown. Here are some photos of us in action and our amazing allotment sign, designed by Mia and made by the very talented Graham.


In our IPC topic we have been finding about our teeth to form a non-chronological report titled 'All About Teeth'.

As part of learning about how to care for our teeth, we all tried a disclosing tablet which highlighted where plaque had developed in our mouths., and areas which we need to take more care of. We had such fun doing this and it has changed and improved so many of our brushing habits!

Digestive System

To help us understand what happens to our food once we put it into our mouths, we carried an experiment to show this journey. Here are some photographs.

Keadby Bridge Centenary

Saturday 21st May marks the 100 year anniversary of the Keadby Bridge. Leading up to this momentous occasion we have spent time in class and at home learning about the bridge. One of our homework tasks was to build a model of Keadby bridge. They were truly outstanding. The top 3 winners for our class were:




These bridges get to be judged by our parish councillors on Saturday at our special celebration. We can't wait to find out the overall winner. 


'How Humans Work' Exit Point



On Thursday 26th May we went to Eureka for our exit point. We LOVED it. Here are some pictures from the day!

Summer Term 2

Our new IPC topic is called BRIGHT SPARKS. 

As Scientists, we’ll be finding out:

  • How to make an electrical circuit
  • Which materials allow electricity to pass through them
  • What happens when we change a circuit
  • How to build bigger circuits
  • About magnetism and electricity
  • About using heat as electricity
  • How to keep safe around electricity


As Technologists, we’ll be finding out:

  • How to make a house with lighting and a door buzzer


As Historians, we’ll be finding out:

  • About the history of the lightbulb


As Internationalists, we’ll be finding out:

  • How we produce electricity in our country
  • Why saving electricity is good for the planet

EURO 2016

We are very excited about the European Championships, especially as we have our very own class sweepstake taking place. We have been using this as an opportunity to deepen our knowedge about Europe and the location of the countries taking part. We have also carried out some informative homework about the host country France. 



As Historians, we’ll be:

• Finding out how fossils are made and what we can learn from them

• Finding out about our earliest ancestors

• Exploring the skills our ancestors needed to survive

• Using evidence to find out about a prehistoric hunter

• Finding out about a river valley civilisation

• Finding out about a Stone Age village

• Finding out about Bronze and Iron Age cultures


As Artists, we’ll be:

• Creating our own prehistoric cave paintings

• Making and decorating pottery, based on one of the periods we have explored

In Technology we’ll be:

• Exploring the types of foods that the first farmers would have grown

• Updating dishes that early settlers may have eaten


As Internationalists, we’ll be:

• Finding out how we can work together to learn new skills and achieve our goals

On Tuesday 5th July we had our entry point. We went into Bramblebank Wood and took part in a scavenger hunt and shelter building challenge. There are some pictures below of our afternoon.

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