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Autumn 2019

Welcome Back!

This term we will be learning about the local area, asking geographical questions, considering land use in Keadby and exploring the impact the River Trent and the Keadby and Stainforth Canal have on local industry. In addition to this, we will be looking at changes over time.

Our science focus this term is 'Making New Materials'. We will be learning about: 
- The chemistry of cooking
- What happens when we dissolve or melt things
- About gases and what they are
- About different materials used in the kitchen
- About conductors and insulators
- About magnetic materials and their uses
- How to separate mixtures using sieving, filtering and evaporating
- About acids and alkalis

In D.T we will be learning:
- How to make our own polymers and clay
- How glass is made
- How to create a brand new material
- How to sew and join different materials

In Art we will be learning about:
- Different painting and colour mixing techniques
- How colour can be used to express emotions
- How artists use different materials in their work
- The work of Paul Klee 

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