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Autumn Term 2018

In science we have been investigating how gravity and air resistance affect moving objects. We threw balls of different sizes and weights at a target and discovered the heavier the object, the greater the force needed to push or pull it. We then compared balls with frisbees. As a frisbee is more streamline, there is less air resistance.
We investigated whether flat, scrunched, cone-shaped or aeroplane-shaped paper fell the fastest to the ground. We discovered the scrunched paper was the fastest. Mitchell & Ethan found with the cone-shaped paper, it acted like a parachute and fell the slowest.

We watched a video clip and discussed the consequences of cyberbullying. Working with Y5, we created superheroes who help stop cyberbullying. We then wrote comic strips and play scripts, before acting them out.

European Banquet

This week we enjoyed a banquet, sampling traditioinal food from the UK, France, Spain, Germany, Poland, Italy, Switzerland and Greece. We thought about the appearance, taste, flavour and texture of each delicious sample.

Entry Point
We got into teams and had a tug-of-war competition. We thought carefully about the different forces which were acting on both us and the rope. After that we identified examples of pushes and pulls in everyday life.


Fascinating Forces

Our topic this half term is all about forces. We will be learning:

  • how a ball flies through the air
  • what friction is and how it helps us
  • how different objects fall
  • what gravity os and how it pulls on objects
  • how air resistance affects moving objects
  • how water pushes up floating objects
  • why some objects float and others sink
  • how to make a sailing boat or paper plane
  • how natural forces are used as energy
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